You may have been made to believe that if you want to lose weight that there are just certain foods that you need to give up until you get “there”. Makes enough sense theoretically but here’s what I found about giving up your favorite foods to lose weight:


  • It creates a feeling of not being good enough. You know that feeling of “if I were X pounds lighter then I wouldn’t have to give up Y”. “I will DESERVE my favorite food when I am skinny”. Yuck right?
  • Swearing off food makes you want it more. The act of giving it up creates obsession around the very thing that you want to eat less.
  • You are setting yourself up for something that is not sustainable and you never learn STRATEGY around enjoying that food and simultaneously managing your weight.



So as a self-proclaimed #FitDessertDiva, it was important for me to find a way to lose weight and enjoy dessert because quiet frankly swearing off dessert just set me up for brownie feeding frenzy. You know how it is when you eat one brownie then eat another just to “get it out of your system”.


Here’s my simple trick that helps me make room for dessert whenever I really want it.


The SSS Method

Skip Starches for Sweets


Here’s how the SSS Method works. When I want dessert, I simply skip the starch with my meal and replace it with my dessert.


Here’s Why It Works: Figure friendly eating is all about optimizing your intake of protein, veggies, and water (PVW) while keeping your intake of starches and sweets moderate. Rather than telling yourself that you get dessert only with a cheat meal (which for most of us turns into a cheat couple of days), you get to have dessert whenever you want. You simply skip the starch at your meal to make room for the starch and sugar in your dessert.


DISCLAIMER: Weight loss just like love isn’t fair. Some of us can use the SSS Method every day and lose weight while others of us may only be able to see weight loss while doing it a few times each week. Always be sure to monitor your results to make sure that the frequency with which you use the SSS Method is working for you.


Are you a #FitDessertDiva too? How do YOU balance your love for all things gooey and gooey with your desire to lose weight and keep it off? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found this helpful or inspirational, be sure to share.

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