Opinions on how to eat for weight loss are like fingers- most people have them and just like finger most of them are different.

The major difference between most programs lies in which carbohydrates are considered helpful, how much of them to eat and when. What most experts agree on is that you need protein, fiber, and water as staples in your weight loss program.

The PVW Method is my signature approach to getting on the road to eating for significant, sustainable results without driving yourself crazy with counting and tracking.

What is the PVW Method?

The PVW Method is eating in a way that optimizes your daily intake of protein, vegetables and water. We aim for at least 100 g of protein, 5 servings of vegetable, and ½ your body weight in ounce of water each day (i.e. 100 ounces for a 200-lb woman).


Why PVW Works?

The reason why this simple approach works is because it addresses the why behind many of our other nutrition struggles. The protein helps you stay fuller longer so that you don’t have to do the usual fight with hunger that is so common with programs that focus on calorie counting. The fiber from the vegetables also helps with fullness and helps you naturally crave less starchy carbohydrates and sweets. The water helps with fullness and helps with energy by eliminating the energy zapping effects of even slight dehydration.

What about the carbs, fats, and all that?

Your starchy carb and fat intake matter but until you optimize your protein, vegetable and water intake, trying to produce results by manipulating these nutrients is like trying to shoot a moving target. The general guideline that we follow for results without the complexity of counting and tracking is that we don’t “let carbs and fat get high together”. So when we eat a higher amount of starch carbohydrates, we eat less fat and vice versa.

Does this really work?

The PVW Method works WONDERFULLY because it reduces how much you need to focus on. Think about the last time you started a weight loss program. There were likely so many rules that you didn’t even remember- never mind follow- all of them. The PVW Method addresses all of the things that really matter while leaving plenty of room for you to customize what you eat to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Being able to do what works CONSISTENTLY and with joy is what produces long lasting results and the PVW Method gives you the guidelines you need to get results without deprivation.

How to Eat for Weight Loss the Simple Way

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