I know you may not want to hear this but that list of 100 recipes you found on Pinterest is not going to help you create the variety you want in your healthy meals. At least not consistently.   Think about it. Aren’t you tired of throwing away random ingredients that you could only use for that one recipe? What about taking almost an hour to cook dinner while you double check the recipe to make sure you are “doing it right”?   Sis, there’s a better way to consistently eat healthy food without having to rinse and repeat that same chicken and broccoli. Here’s an approach that can help you make it happen.  

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2:40: The Backstory: What NOT to Do if You Want to Quickly Create Meals with Endless Variety 4:08: Strategy #1: View Your Meals as a Combination of Components 5:36: Strategy #2: Swap Components of Your Base Recipes 8:50: Strategy #3: Play with Different Spice Combinations 12:40: Fierce Follow Up


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