Giving up sugar isn’t a required step on the journey to sustainable weight loss. As a matter of fact, learning to eat sugar in moderation is a a required skill, if you plan to enjoy bread, dessert, and cocktails as a part of your lifestyle. However, managing the middle ground between giving up sweets and eating them with wreckless abandon is rarely addressed with any level of specificity. “Just eat in moderation” sounds great, but most of us have tried that and failed miserably. The problem isn’t our willpower. The problem is that most of us have never been taught the strategy behind making that advice a reality in our daily lives.

If you enjoy bread, cocktails, and dessert and you have a weight loss goal, you can’t afford to skip this episode.  






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1:30: The Backstory Behind the Discussion

4:00: Eat Protein and Veggie Centric Meals

8:25: Embrace Tradeoffs

15:27 Know and Manage Your Trigger Foods

20:46: Become a Picky Eater

24:41: Indulge Intentionally – Not Accidentally


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