The Results

“That’s right… today I bought a size 6 suit! I went into the dressing room frustrated that I couldn’t find anything in a size 8 for work in an effort to catch the sales. But took a leap of faith and holla!!! #fitclubworks”
“Shoulders and conditioning DONE! I feel stronger. I actually enjoyed it this time.”
“Received a compliment on how nice my booty was looking in my jeans on Saturday. One of the highlights of my weekend. Concita Bohaner-Thomas the day has come and I am now thanking you for glutes & conditioning last month. Looking forward o working on getting my arms tight & right this month!!!”
“That feeling when you are about to step on the scale and you truly expect to see no change but are shocked to instead see a loss that you get off the scale and step back on it again to be sure!”
“Full body 1 DONE! I have a confession (i.e., need to be held accountable). I thought I would get my butt back on track sooner but my recent move really set me back I hadn’t exercised for almost 5 weeks (though unpacking kept me moving). Thank God for the nutrition lessons learned though. But I’m back and feel great! Even able to maintain the higher weights I had worked up to. The best is that my hubby got me an HDMI cable so I could connect my laptop to my TV! 15 lbs down, 25 to go!”
“So after only 3.5 days of working out and doing the modified Jumpstart (I just allowed myself to have some cheese in a meal if I want but otherwise it’s the actual jumpstart) I’m happy to report I’ve lost 2.2 lbs! I have 3, 5 more days to go but I’m motivated to see it through!”
“Hi everyone. I’ve been MIA due to work, but found time to post this yesterday on my personal timeline. This group is a huge part of my success. Thanks for everything. Even though I haven’t posted with the new challenge, I’m still working out daily. *Blessed to be in probably the best shape of my life in terms of total wellness by modifying my eating without depriving myself of great food and working out at least 6 times a week.”
“You know your eating habits have changed when you are on vacation in Puerto Rico complaining that you can’t find enough vegetables to the point when you go online while still there to place a Fresh Direct order for a ton of veggies to be delivered when you get back! LOL! My delivery came last night and my refrigerator is RIGHT! LOL!”

The Workouts

“2+ mile run and conditioning!! It still baffles me how I can run nonstop for miles but a 20 min conditioning session takes me out!”
“Arms and conditioning definitely getting stronger! Have a great day ladies!”
“Just finished full body 1. I was supposed to go to gym with daughter and do cardio, but neither one of us really wanted to get out and go. So.. I told her that I had a work out that was only 20 minutes long and we could do it at home. My daughter is 20 years old and works out regularly. She said “only 20 minutes. I can do that, easy breezy”. I think you ladies can figure out the rest of this story. She did get through it. She was amazed with the work out that she got in only 20 minutes and is sure that she used some new muscles. Concita Bohaner-Thomas, you are the queen of our work out world!”
“Conditioning complete. Love these 10 minute workouts. They are “no fuss” to fit in at any time. I have learned not to pace myself and just go all out. Great workout. #421challenge #day7”

The Accountability & Support

“Definitely did not feel like it today. Long day but I got it in. Thanks for the motivation ladies. Conditioning and steps.”
“I so want to lay here and watch HGTV but you ladies motivate me. I’m dragging my husband with me to chat while I do 10 minutes to get it in tonight.”
“I was getting in the shower to call it a day and I realized that I had not done 10 minutes of true more than the average days movement. Because of the mindset of the challenge, I turned off the water and did 10 minutes of different exercises including the jump rope. To my surprise, I did not struggle with the one minute of jump rope. A small victory for me! Now, back to the shower and then bed! #30X10Challenge #day13.”
“Thankful for the flexibility of choosing different workouts. Had planned on crazy legs today but my 2 1/2 year old is struggling with sleeping through the night, so I am struggling with getting up on time. Switched to Full bod pull and was able to get back on schedule.”
“Concita I am trying to take your advice and accept that I am just maintaining. It was not easy to do because honestly I felt like without working out I must be gaining pounds by the week! But I have been walking with my daughter every day just about and today she go the out of the house to walk after dinner! For that bit of motivation I was so grateful. It ha been over 3 weeks since my last real workout. And food hasn’t been terrible but hasn’t been great. I’ve been afraid to weigh myself for fear the scale would go in the other direction. But tonight I got on the scale out of sheer curiosity since I haven’t weighed myself since my last workout. And low and behold I haven’t gained a pound! I haven’t lost either but I’m still maintaining my weight loss of 14 pounds since I started this program. and to me that was just so motivating! So I am now doing more than hanging in there. I’m in.. I’m just going at a different pace for now. But I’m in! Thanks again for helping me get things right in my mind about this!”