Who Am I & What Do I Do?

Hi I am Concita Thomas – Food & Fitness Strategist.

I help the active woman on the go attain significant and sustainable weight loss without disrupting the rest of her life.

Is that YOU?

How Do I Help?

I will help you develop customized strategies around how you eat and move so that you can FINALLY lose the weight without calorie counting, macronutrient tracking or spending hours in the gym.

Basically I teach you how to eat and exercise in a way that makes it easy to get and keep the body that you want ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Together here’s what we’ll do:

  • Discover how much exercise you really need to get optimal results to help you create plenty of time for the other stuff you love outside of the gym.
  • Simplify your food approach to a few effective, manageable daily actions to decrease your overwhelm and increase your follow through and results.
  • Create a strategy to incorporate the food (or beverages) you love without sabotaging your results so that you can literally eat your cake and have abs too- no need to choose one!

How did I come to do this and why do I care?

Well since you asked, here’s my story…

Skinny Child – Overweight Young Professional – Obsessed Fitness Competitor


Happily Fit Wife, Mom & Coach

IMG_5083aFor me things started out pretty normal in the department of weight and my relationship with food.  I was a pretty skinny, active, and happy child growing up and I could pretty much eat anything (although my mom prepared mostly healthy food) without any worry of weight gain.

After leaving for college things started to change.  I feasted on the typical snack bar fare but unlike when I was home, the food choices I made began to show up on my body.

Throughout my time at college and my years as a young professional I struggled with my weight and eventually my relationship with food.  I tried plenty of diets and exercised a ton.  I was able to lose weight relatively easy at first but I couldn’t manage to KEEP the weight off.

Sure on the outside I LOOKED great but there was this constant underlying fear that with just a few skipped gym sessions or too many nights of dessert (which I love by the way) that it could all be gone and I could be that overweight woman squeezing into her clothes again.

My fear was rooted in the fact that despite being a fitness professional who had a few fitness competitions under her belt I was always losing and gaining 10-20 pounds because my approach was not optimal for having a life OUTSIDE OF THE GYM.

When my son AJ was born, I knew something had to change.

I was not going back to being overweight and I was done having my weight management plan run the rest of my life.

I wanted to enjoy romantic dinners with my husband without worrying about whether or not it was my cheat day.

I wanted to enjoy a spontaneous ice cream cone with my son without feeling that I needed to go burn it off when we were done.

I wanted a hassle free way to attain and maintain my weight loss goals!

It took lots of trial and error but I eventually created No Fuss Fitness and now I am finally the happily fit wife, mom, and coach that I always knew I could be.

I have made it my mission to find and help as many women who are like I was- STUCK between settling for the body that you have or giving up the life that you love.


Are you ready to stop sweating for hours each week, giving up the foods you love, and tracking every morsel you eat to FINALLY get and keep the body you want without disrupting the rest of your life?

Maybe you are next.

I know you can be next and I WANT TO HELP YOU.

No Fuss Fitness works.

It has worked for me and HUNDREDS of other women.

Let it work for you!

Here’s How You Start

My Certifications:


NASM, CPT (expired)

Powerhouse Pilates Mat

MetabolicPartner-Assisted Stretching

My Publications:

“Emergency Fitness Plan”

Weekly Column in The Coppell Gazette

My Speeches:

Why Trying Harder Is Keeping You Stuck In Weight Loss & Life

3 Exercise Mistakes That Keep You Sweating For Nothing

Eat Your Cake & Have Abs Too