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What’s for dinner? This is a question that we all must answer every single day. When you’re trying to eat healthy, want something fresh and different every night, have a family to feed, and want to avoid spending hours in the kitchen or hundreds on takeout, this question gets a lot harder to answer.

For a long time, I prepared my meals every Sunday. While this was an effective way to ensure that I had healthy meals ready when I needed to eat, it wasn’t ideal. For me, the process was time consuming.  I didn’t really look forward to the meals  (hello grilled chicken and soggy broccoli).  And, by Tuesday, no one in the house (including me) wanted what I had prepped. At some point, my desire to have a variety of tasty, Figure Friendly meals each day led me to become “The Queen of Takeout”. I mastered Figure Friendly ordering. We had different, delicious meals each day. Everyone was happy… until I got really tired of spending so much money on meals that I KNEW I could make myself. There was one small dilemma though… I STILL didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Figure Friendly Meals in Minutes is the ultimate answer to the “what’s for dinner dilemma”. It is the collection of strategies, kitchen tools, spices, and recipes that I’ve used to satisfy my comprehensive wish for dinner time. It will enable you to prepare delicious, restaurant style,Figure Friendly meals for your family each day in ten minutes or less.

About the Author

Concita Thomas is the Food & Fitness Strategist behind She is on a mission to help busy working women look and feel fierce without making the process a second job. As a longtime dieter who felt beholden to her gym routine, she longed to lose the weight for good on her own terms. After cracking the code on how to make that happen for herself, Concita has worked tirelessly to help other women do the same. She combines her background in Mechanical Engineering with knowledge from her various fitness certifications to craft a methodical, effective approach to food and fitness that her clients easily implement and appreciate.

Concita shares her food and fitness strategies through media appearances, seminars, her coaching programs, blog, and podcast, and regular live broadcasts. Some of her appearances and contributions can be found on WFAA, Black America Web, Huffington Post, The Coppell Gazette, Moms ‘N Charge, and Faith & Fitness Magazine. Concita has facilitated workshops for Bell Hellicopter, Mary Kay, Natural Grocers, and various other organizations.

Concita is a Jersey girl living in Dallas, TX with her husband, 10-year old son, and 4-year old daughter. You can connect with her daily on Facebook or  Instagram.