If you are currently, or have ever been frustrated about your weight loss results, you can’t miss this episode. We dive into the real root of frustration and exactly how you can address frustration so that you can move toward your goals with greater effectiveness and ease.





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0:00: Introduction
2:37: Episode Inspiration
3:05: The Surprising Root of Frustration
4:13: How to Address the Root of Frustration
5:07: Step 1 to Eliminate Frustration
9:40: Step 2 to Eliminate Frustration
12:33: Step 3 to Eliminate Frustration
15:00 My Most Recent Experience with Frustration
16:40: Step 4 to Eliminate Frustration
19:19: Step 5 to Eliminate Frustration
21:45: Fierce Follow Through


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Episode 1 of The Fierce Life

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