“I eat healthy, but I can’t seem to lose weight”. Have you ever said this? I know that I have. It’s frustrating to actually be putting in the work, making an effort, and still not get the results that you want. However, when we understand why this is happening, it’s relatively easy to fix. All it takes is awareness and action.

I can’t make you take action, but if you listen to this episode, you’ll have the awareness that you need to create a different outcome. Join me as we discuss simple mistakes that well meaning healthy eaters make on their weight loss journey now.

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4:00 Mistake #1: Eating tiny meals.

7:08: Mistake #2: Disregarding calories altogether in the pursuit of healthy choices.

13:07: Mistake #3: Eating low calorie meals that lead to higher hunger later and/or meals that are better suited for muscle building and bulking.

20:45: Fierce Follow Up


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