Ever feel like your healthy eating efforts aren’t producing results – but not quite the ones you want? Maybe your’re losing weight, but you have no energy. Or, you feel great, but your weight isn’t budging- and you were hoping it would?


The truth of the matter is that “healthy eating” isn’t enough if you want to look and feel great while keeping your health intact along the way. That’s where Figure Friendly eating can help.

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2:55: The Backstory: How Figure Friendly Eating Came to Be

8:31: What is Figure Friendly Eating & Why You Need It

9:33: Why “Healthy Eating” Isn’t Enough & Why There’s So Much Conflicting Eating Advice

13:25: A Day of Figure Friendly Eating

18:54: Figure Friendly Meal Guidelines

23:22: Fierce Follow Up  


Episode 1: My Weight Loss Story & What it Means to be FIERCE

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