Body transformation is such a funny thing.  It really is more about the mindset and habits than the nutrition and training.  Really it is.  After you get beyond the nutrition basics of optimizing protein, produce, and water intake, you graduate to determining your personal carbohydrate strategy.  When you have that all locked down and your cravings, hunger, and energy are in check, you are pretty much all set with nutrition.

When it comes to training, you need to trade in your workout marathons (which were only increasing your stress hormones and keeping you from losing weight) for short, effective resistance and conditioning workouts.  You sprinkle in frequent leisure walks that you once scoffed at as a waste of time and you have the training locked down too.  Easy breezy right?  Not quite!


The two components of body transformation that need to be carefully guarded at all costs are your mindset and time management.  Negative thoughts and time wasting habits can make following through on your transformation lifestyle impossible.  Really it is true.  If you don’t believe me, let me explain to you how Facebook ALMOST ran off with my workout yesterday.

I was so proud of myself for getting stuff done.  Before lunch, I had already written and submitted my latest fitness column for the local paper and written, practiced, and polished my nutrition talk, “The Calorie Counting Catastrophe” for an upcoming event for my city.  I had checked and responded to emails in record time and then it happened…

I lost all sense of focus and purpose and started playing on the web.  It started off as “working”.  I was interacting with my clients and followers- all important stuff.  However about 10 minutes into it, I lost control.  I was stuck in the “Cycle of Inefficiency” (as fellow coach, Jill Coleman calls it).

I was checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then Facebook, Instagram- you get the picture.  All the while, the window I had earmarked for a few more administrative tasks was closing and it was approaching the time I had slotted to train.

I felt the walls closing in and my heart starting to beat faster yet I still couldn’t hit that cute little “X” at the top of my browser to stop the web surfing madness.  I knew where this was headed.  This scene had played out in my life too many times before.  Pretty soon I was going to be frantically finishing up my “necessary” tasks in the time I wanted to be training.  Then of course it would take longer than I planned (as always when you are rushing) and I would be late to pick up my son from school.

I would be impatient and flustered for the rest of the night (don’t judge me) because I actually need the release of energy, endorphin boost, and clarity that working out gives me.  I would finally fall out exhausted on the couch after putting my son to bed and lament how “busy” I was all day and how unfair it was that I didn’t have time to work out.  Have you ever done this?

Well I saw the red lights flashing and gathered the strength to yank myself away from the computer- literally.  I ran into another room to escape the magnetic power of social media that was rapidly sucking me into the black hole.

I wish I could tell you that I successfully finished all of my work, got in my workout, and then arrived to pick up my son on time but that is not how it went down that day.

I prioritized my workout.  I was in an awesome mood when I picked up my son a few minutes into the “grace period” and gave my guys (my husband, son, and nephew) my full attention for the rest of the night.  After I finally put AJ down for the night, I had the energy and mental clarity to finish up my work while simultaneously watching one of the two TV shows that I actually take the time to view.

It wasn’t perfect or ideal.  I would have loved to be totally relaxed, sipping a cocoa drink and relaxing in bed instead of working on commercial breaks but I’m glad I made the choice that I did.  Life isn’t always neat and pretty but when you are honest about what matters to you and you pay attention so that you can change course when your behaviors don’t line up, it can be an awesome, messy adventure.

So share with me, has Facebook ever run off with your workout?

What other time vampires keep you from executing on your body transformation plan?

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