How to Lose Belly Fat with Dr. Jade Teta


In today’s topic we’re going to talk about a topic you guys are always asking about and I brought on an expert. We’re going to talk about belly fat. EVERYTHING you need to know about it. Why we have it, how to get rid of it, how to not get it if you don’t have it.


My special guest is Dr. Jade Teta today and this one is going to be a good one!


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1:02 – Is 1:1 Coaching For You? Schedule a Connection Call and Find Out

1:55 – Who Is Dr. Jade Tita?

4:10 – How to Know If You Have a Belly Fat Issue

7:00 – Example of How Stress Hormones Affect Impact Belly Fat

9:10 – How to Avoid Belly Fat: The 4 M’s

14:11 – Mindfulness: Ways to Lower Your Stress

16:25 – Movement: Incorporating Walking in Your Daily Activities

24:04 – Meals: The Scoop Behind Soups, Salads, Scrambles & Shake

26:53 – Metabolics: How You Actually Should Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

29:26 – Recap

31:15 – Abdominal Exercise: Does It Work?

33:55 – Where to Find Jay?

35:00 – Fierce Follow-Up

35:32 – Become a Fierce Friend






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How to Lose Belly Fat with Dr. Jade Teta