Exactly What I Do to Get Back On Track

In today’s show, I’m going to tell you exactly what I do to get back on track when I’ve gotten far away from where I need to be when it comes to my eating and my working out.

If we’re being real, there are just times in life, usually because of emotions, where we just don’t feel like it and we don’t do even the things that are feasible and sustainable. It happens to us all, me too.

Tune in as I share what I do to find my way back to the center when that happens.


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3:25 – How to Minimize the Internal Drama and Put Your Emotions in Check

4:37 – Storytime: When My “Planning” Made Me Feel Worse

6:54 – The 3 Actions That Build My Momentum and Help Get Me Back On Track

7:15 – Action 1: Help With Preventing False Hunger Signals

8:10 – Action 2: Feeling Motivated by Improving Your Emotional State

10:05 – Action 3: First Meal of the Day – What Mine Looks Likes

11:25 – Fierce Follow-Up

12:25 – Become A Fierce Friend


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Exactly What I Do to Get Back On Track