Why I Have a Love - Hate Relationship With the Scale: Click through to find out how the scale can both help and sabotage your weight loss. Weight Loss, Scale


Should you use a scale to track your results on your weight loss journey? It depends!


I have found that the scale can be a great tool. However, if it’s not used in conjunction with other tools or the correct perspective, it can greatly sabotage your results.


Listen in now as I discuss when and how I believe a scale can be used to best support you on your weight loss journey.


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3:40 – Scales are Convenient and Easy to Use

4:34 – Inspect What You Expect – Getting Free from Judging Progress Based on Feelings

6:38 – What the Scale Can Tell You About Your Weight Loss in the Context of Other Measurements

8:20 – Is that Fat or Lean Weight?

12:06 -When Reliance on Scale Weight Can Be a Problem

13:06 – What You May Ignore if You Focus on the Scale Too Much

17:15 – Fierce Follow-Up




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