How to Get Your Husband to Support You on Your Weight Loss Journey


Getting your spouse on board could make your weight loss journey easier. But, how in the world do you do that? Most of us struggle to get the support that we crave because we go about it all wrong. Demanding support and using guilt trips doesn’t work. Most of us have tried that before. However, in today’s show, my husband shares what does work.


There are a few simple steps that make getting support from your spouse possible. As a matter of fact, it can be easy. Check out today’s episode to find out more.


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4:05 – Al’s Perspective on Spousal Sabotage

3:12 – The Key to Getting Support

6:28 – The Difference Between Accountability and Support

12:44 – When Your Support Needs Clash With His Needs

15:50 -How to Pursue Your Weight Loss Journey Independently Without Causing Division in Your Relationship

23:48 – Fierce Follow-Up




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