How to Gain the Confidence to Go After Your Weight Loss Goals


In today’s show, we’re going to dive deep into a really important issue, and it’s how to find the confidence to truly go after your weight loss goals and get results.


This episode is for anyone who has ever started weight loss journey and maybe felt like you’re kinda, sorta giving it your all, but not really and you can’t figure out why, or what to do about it.


If that’s ever been you, or that’s you right now, then this episode is for you.


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2:24 – Entering the Realm of Possibility – How to Look for Proof That It Can Be Done

5:28 – How to Look For Clues That YOU Can Do It

7:56 – The Competence Confidence Loop and What It Can Do For You

9:07 – Work on Your Inner Game Daily

11:31 – Benefits from Listening to Podcasts

12:08 – The Books I’ve Read to Boost My Confidence

12:48 – Track The Facts so That You’re Not Fooled By Your Feelings

15:07 – Get Support to Separate Facts From Feelings

17:42 – Fierce Follow-Up

18:52 – Ready to Connect  – One on One Coaching

19:55 – Become a Fierce Friend





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 How to Gain the Confidence to Go After Your Weight Loss Goals