One of the most popular barriers to lasting results is consistency with the steps required to achieve results. But, why is consistency such a struggle?


Many of us have realized that picking a sustainable approach and respecting our personal preferences makes consistency more attainable. Yet, even with those advantages, some of us still struggle.


The problem is that there is another reason that consistency is hard. This more subtle cause of inconsistency is often overlooked. Failing to recognize and address it could leave you struggling with consistency despite having everything else about your approach perfectly aligned.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn what the subtle cause of inconsistency is and how to stop it in its tracks.

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05:59 Hallmark #1 of This Mindset: No Execution Strategy

09:02 Hallmark #2 of This Mindset: Ignoring Your Execution Strategy

15:50 Hallmark #3 of This Mindset: Doing Things on the Fly While Repeatedly Missing the Mark

20:21 Hallmark #4 of this Mindset: Discovering That You Didn’t Hit the Mark at the End of the Day

22:15 Step #1 to Overcome this Trap: Have Execution Strategies

23:54 Step #2 to Overcome this Trap: Exercise a Little “Make Yourself” to Get the Process Started

26:37 Step #3: to Overcome this Trap: Get Accountability

28:51 Step #4: to Overcome this Trap Engage with Accountability Measures

29:53 Fierce Follow Up



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