Do you ever feel like you would be more consistent with your workouts if you could get them in without looking like a sweaty mess for the rest of the day?


You are in good company. So many women that I talk to tell me that they feel stuck when it comes to getting in a consistent workout.


The nighttime workout doesn’t really work because they are tired and end up on the couch watching reruns instead of getting in that sweat session.


They know that getting those workouts in as early in the day as possible makes them more consistent. However they often have a family to prepare for the day and a job or business to get to as well so the workouts become sporadic at best.


Now that I am a wife, business owner, and mom of two active little ones I can TOTALLY relate.




My workouts often happen in the minutes before my family wakes up or between clients, calls, and meetings and even though I am a food and fitness strategist, I can’t show up to my daily appointments looking like a sweaty mess.


So here’s my solution- my four step process for going from sweaty mess to polished face in MINUTES.

Gym Face to Office Face Flat Lay



Cold Splash Gym Face to Office Face
This step is CRUCIAL. I can remember getting in a workout on my lunch hour back in my corporate days and then literally sweating through all of my afternoon meetings. Not attractive. On days when I had really important meetings with the big wigs, I would skip my workouts because sweating through the meeting doesn’t really scream confident and capable.


Whether you take a shower immediately after your workout or just towel off and go, be sure to put cold water on your face. 


One day my best friend’s boyfriend told me about the “cold blast” and I have been hooked ever since.  The cold water closes the pores and stops the sweating spot on.




Foundation Gym Face to Office Face
Remember this post is all about creating a natural makeup look not being runway ready.


Skip the concealing, contouring, and highlighting and opt for a tinted moisturizer. You literally moisturize your skin and get light coverage and sun protection in a few strokes. I use Mary Kay tinted moisturizer in the shade Very Deep as my go-to product.




Mascara Gym Face to Office Face
Few things scream put together and ready to face the world than gorgeous lashes.


If you need to get from the workout to the workplace as quickly as possible, skip curling your lashes or adding extensions and go with a good Mascara. I put on one coat, style my hair, and then put on the second one when I am done with my hair. I use Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Pumped Up Colossal as my go to mascara.




Lipstick Gym Face to Office Face
I remember a few years ago when my Mary Kay consultant asked me if I knew why women in business often wore lipstick. I had NO CLUE. She told me that it was because it called attention to your mouth and it made people pay attention to what you were saying. Now she could have been making this up to move a few more tubes of lipstick (jokes- she is super trustworthy) but it made sense to me.


When I looked at many of the successful women who I admire, I realized one thing- they ALL wore lip color.


When you are wanting to get out the door quickly, you can’t afford to play the “which shade works with this look” game.


Pick 2-3 lip colors in advance that work for you with any outfit.  I used Wet and Wild Bare It All or Blushing Bali and Almay Just Plum Good as my go-to lip colors.


That’s it- my four step process to go from sweaty mess to polished natural make up look in about five minutes.

After Shot Gym Face to Office Face

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