Removing every barrier to eating and workout consistency is the key to sustainable weight loss.


If getting a good workout is equivalent to ruining your hairstyle, staying ready to face the world may be keeping you from the workout consistency that you need to create sustainable weight loss.


Your hair doesn’t have to be a problem.


You don’t have to choose between rocking a sweaty ponytail and staying stuck at your current weight.


Your hair and your body can look great every day of the week when you have simple strategies to deal with post workout hair.

How to Deal With Your Hair After You Work Out

Here are three reliable ways to deal with your hair after working out so that your body and your great mood (not your hair) will be the only evidence of the time you spend working out each day.



If you are looking for the quickest way to go from gym hair to a completely polished work look, select a wig that looks like your normal hairstyles and follow this routine. The wig that I am wearing in this video is “Tammy” by Outre.



This style is almost as quick as wearing a wig and I have been told that it looks like an intricate style that takes way more time than it really does.



This is the most time consuming of the three options but perfect for you if you prefer wearing loose, natural hair. If your hair is at least moderately detangled prior to starting, the entire style takes about 10 minutes.


This is my no fuss Wash & Go routine void of any serious shingling or sectioning to create more defined curls but it works perfectly for me when I need to go from gym hair to office hair in minutes.


So there you have it, three of my go-to post workout hair solutions.

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How to Deal With Your Hair After a Workout

Which one will you try? Do you have other go-to post workout hair fixes that you would like to share?


Let me know in the comments below.