What if I told you that buying the right clothes could make you look amazing before you lost a single pound AND keep you more motivated to stick to your weight loss regimen?


Well it is true.


When I was trying to crack the code to motivation and sustainable weight loss, I watched and talked to plenty of women who had achieved what I wanted.  In all of my inquiry, I still completely overlooked one very important commonality.


They ALL dressed in a way that made them look great.  They all had their own signature beauty regimen- no matter how simple- that made them look good consistently.


I assumed that they just looked great because they were in shape but what I eventually discovered was…


While you may be trying to lose weight to finally feel and look amazing (I know I was), the truth is that there is a shortcut.  You can feel amazing now by owning and wearing a few essentials and be more likely to succeed with your weight loss goals.


Forget about holding off on shopping until you hit your weight loss goals.


Here are a few items that you should add to your wardrobe because they will make you look great now and still deliver for as you lose weight.



The secret to make leggings work is understanding your body shape (like I talked about in THIS POST) so that you choose the most flattering length and accompanying top.

As you lose weight, you may go from wearing the same leggings with a top that is loose fitting around the belly and hip to a more form fitting one.  The biggest benefit of leggings in my opinion is that you can dress them up and down by changing your top, footwear, and accessories.  I have been guilty of throwing on my favorite workout leggings  with a sweater and high boots for date night.  Leggings rock!



Even though leggings are technically stretchy clothing, I wanted to create a separate category to highlight the fact that almost ANYTHING can be stretchy and that most stretchy clothing is going to be your best friend while your body is changing.  Stretchy clothing can handle tremendous weight fluctuations and when you can do so without buying clothing that is too tight, buying a size SMALLER than usual gives you even more time in those items.

To avoid finding a picture of yourself being circulated around the internet by the fashion police, make sure that your stretchy items hold you without squeezing you.  Stretchy clothing that is too tight will actually create rolls that don’t exist so be careful.  When you try on your items, be sure to look at yourself from all angles and move around to see whether or not the items stay in place.



While you may have abandoned belts in exchange for elastic waistlines when you gained weight, you want to make friends with belts again.  Belts are great for transforming a baggy top or dress into a new piece that is form flattering again.  Belting just below the bust line or at the waist can add shape to a loose fitting top or dress and make it new again.



I know what you are thinking… WAIT. A. MINUTE.  I am LOSING weight.  I haven’t hit my goal yet and you want me to wear fitted tops.  Yes.  Yes. And Yes.

Fitted doesn’t mean tight and wearing baggy clothes to cover up doesn’t work. It makes you look BIGGER.


The right fitted tops and tanks look great under blazers worn with jeans or jean capris and they also look great without the blazer when paired with jeans or leggings when you are ready.  Remember confidence is your best accessory so wear your fitted tanks and tops in a way that you feel most comfortable so that your confidence shines through.



Empire dresses are ones that are fitted from the top until just below the bust line.  This silhouette is one that looks good on EVERY body shape.  The one trick to buying the right empire dress for you is to know your body shape as I mentioned in THIS BLOG POST and choose the neckline that works best for your body shape.

For example if you have a really ample bosom, you may opt out of a neckline with a deep cut and straps and if you have a smaller upper body, you may choose a scoop neck to add the illusion of volume up top.  Finally make sure that the bottom skims your body rather than hangs off of you completely so that you don’t create a tent effect that makes you look shapeless.  As you lose weight, the dress will be a little looser on the bottom.  However, in most cases you can easily wear the same dress for a 20 pound weight loss before it is time to trade it in for another.


So which of these essentials do you already own and which ones are you putting on your shopping list?  Let me know in the comments below.


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