Is it a Normal Indulgence or Am I Falling off the Wagon?

We’ve all been there. You eat the cup cake, the fries, or whatever your favorite indulgence is and wonder… Is this OK? Will I be able to move on with my healthy meals or is this like the last time? Is this the start of the unraveling of my healthy habits? While most of us want to be able to indulge in our favorite foods and still get results, we sometimes struggle to do so without worry and second guessing our choices. How can we stop THAT PART? Tune in to today’s episode to find the answer because we all deserve to eat the things we like, get the results we want, and do it all without worrying along the way.

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1:57 – The Inspiration for This Episode & Why We Need to Have This Conversation

4:45 – First Checkpoint: Did You Want It? 6:47  – Second Checkpoint: Did You Make Room for It? 9:34 – Third Checkpoint: What Happened After You Had It?

12:29 – Fierce-Follow Up  


How to Make Room for Indulgences in Your Meals

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How I Started Incorporating Dessert Without Going Overboard