Does Food Journaling Really Help with Weight Loss?   If you’ve been on a weight loss journey for any length of time, chances are that you’ve tried tracking your food. I have definitely tracked my food in a variety of ways over the years too. But, how helpful was it – REALLY? According to the latest research, food journaling may be the most important factor in weight loss success. But, why is it that so many have kept a food journal for years and never met their goal? This is what we’re discussing in this episode. Tune in to find out whether or not food journaling is really worth the hype.

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3:03 – The Inspiration for This Episode &  What the Research Says About Food Journaling

5:10 – Possible Benefits of Food Journaling

11:10 – Proof that Food Journaling Doesn’t Always Work

12:37 – How to Journal Effectively – What You Want to Include

19:24 – Fierce-Follow Up


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