The first step in a weight loss journey is deciding – truly deciding – that you want to lose the weight. Many times getting to that point takes time. We go through phases of contemplating the change, considering the effort that is involved, and talking ourselves out of it. But, what happens when we’re ready for action?

How do we begin our weight loss journey in a way that is both effective and sustainable? How do we avoid quick fixes that may help us lose 10 pounds only to gain 20 back later? That’s what we explore in this episode – how to start well and set yourself up to stay the course.

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04:08 Establish a Baseline Before You Start

07:12 Learn What it Takes to Create Sustainable Weight Loss

20:30 Assess What You’re Already Doing and Compare to What it Takes

22:22 Identify Gaps and Fill Them Slowly

23:40 Build Consistency Before Flirting with Complexity



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