Eat Your Cake and Have Abs Too

Yes you read that right.  You CAN eat cake and have abs too.  Let me be really clear about something here, the goal of the Weightloss Lifestyle is to look AND feel great- not one or the other.  I don’t know about you but when I am avoiding dessert like a rare disease I do NOT feel great.  I can remember so many years of looking hot without being able to enjoy life and it just wasn’t worth it.



 Seriously I am pulling back the curtain for you on what a lot of gurus and experts will NOT tell you.  I can remember competing in fitness competitions and following the typical lifestyle promoted as the fitness lifestyle.  You know what I mean- carrying a plastic jug of water everywhere, living on broccoli, chicken, asparagus, tilapia, yams, and oatmeal, and spending hours in the gym (fun huh).  I did it at first on a challenge- a dare of sorts- and then the results came and goodness gracious did I look RIPPED.  Seriously I had abs popping everywhere and compliments coming left and right.  I began to think that this was exactly what I wanted BUT it was all fresh and so new that it was easy to ignore the steep price I was paying for it all and to realize that this was NOT a sustainable way to live.

First of all I had to completely GIVE UP cake, brownies, and dessert of any kind.  Maybe that is no big deal for you but as a self-proclaimed #FitDessertDiva that was NOT pleasant for me.  At first I just sucked it up because you know “I was hardcore”, “I wanted it badly enough”, and “I was doing what it takes”.  These are all of the rationalizations that I came up with in the early days but the truth was I didn’t care at the time because hello…ABS and SIZE 6 jeans (I’m 5’8”).

I’m sure you can guess though this lifestyle eventually got old and I’m sure you can relate.  You know how it is when we start the latest hardcore diet that our friend just lost a ton of weight following.  The initial weight loss and compliments are enough to make us stick to the crazy restrictions but soon when we realize we have become food obsessed and incapable of enjoying a fun night out (because how can we when we are using all of our willpower to just say no), we start to wonder what’s the point.

After a few too many less than enjoyable evenings out and maybe even a few declined invitations, we ditch the plan to try and reclaim some type of normalcy but that usually means overindulging and gaining the weight right back.  It may seem like a hopeless cycle but it doesn’t have to be.


Three Strategies To Eat Cake And Have Abs

#1: Alternate times of being more strict with times of eating and exercising moderately.

I call this the Interval Weight Loss System.  The strict times are called #challengemode and the more moderate times are called #lifestylemode.  It would be foolish of me to try to convince you that you can gain abs while eating cake nightly- you know better (althouth it would be nice).  #Challengemode is what helps you quickly and consistently shed unwanted body fat and discover those abs.  #Lifestylemode is what you do to keep the fat off and eating cake to maintain your sanity is part of that equation.  You alternate between these two so that you can effortlessly tighten up when you want or follow a more relaxed approach when you will be vacationing, hanging out with friends, or occupied with things other than weight loss.

#2: Whether you are in #challengmode or #lifestylemode, follow the PVW Strategy.

Getting enough protein, veggies, and water in your daily diet keeps your intended few bites of cake from turning into a half cake.  Seriously when you are nourished with enough quality protein, fiber, and hydration, you don’t have those intense cravings that drive you to overdo it.

#3: Follow the PVE Eating Method.

Getting enough protein, water, and veggies in a day helps control your cravings but to best ensure your intelligent indulgence doesn’t turn into a binge, get downright strategic about how you eat your meals.  Start the meal with protein and veggies and after you have had your fill of those, you are free to munch on everything else.  Again at this point, a few bites will do the trick- satisfaction without going overboard.

So now you have it three of my custom strategies to eat your cake and have abs too.

What do you think?  Will you be giving it a try or do you still believe that you can’t have a fierce figure because you just love cake too much?

What did you think? Let me know in the comments below! And if you found this helpful or inspirational, be sure to share.

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