Even if you aren’t a huge sports or popular music fan, by now you have surely heard about Beyonce dropping yet ANOTHER surprise song.  Even if you hadn’t heard about the song or the surprise video that she dropped just days after, you surely have heard about her performance of the song at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The thing that I find so interesting when it comes to Beyonce is her ability to get such a strong reaction out of people.  Some love her.  Others find fault in everything she does.  However, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t know her or is apathetic towards her.

Well as I watched her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show (which I enjoyed by the way), I saw one HUGE huge huge lesson in that show that can easily be applied to weight loss or anything in life.

That lesson came in the middle of the performance when she almost took a nasty spill during part of her dance routine.

How she handled that potentially disastrous moment made the difference between an epic fail and an epic finish.  Check out what we can learn from that moment and how we can apply it to our weight loss journey in the video below.



weight loss lessons summary

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