Hello Superwoman!  I know you want it all and you want to do it all.  Me too!  Here’s the problem- your mental energy and conscious effort is exhaustible.  You likely often run out of will before you finish everything that you feel you “need” to do.  No matter how much you accomplish, you end up feeling “blah” because of the things you didn’t accomplish.  Sound familiar?  The problem is decisions drain you and you have left too many decisions and tasks on your plate.   When you have to constantly make decisions and be actively doing, your mental energy gets zapped.  Consequently the decisions that you make later in the day don’t really reflect your priorities.  When you are drained, you pick whatever is easy because you don’t have the energy to choose differently.  After all why do so many of us start the day great- eating well and staying on course only to have it all fall apart at night?  Because we are DRAINED!  Well I have a solution.  If we you are going to truly have It all, you need to begin with a few simple steps.


Step #1: Choose your priorities don’t feel guilty about the things that did not make the list- everything can’t make the list.

Step #2: Figure out which priorities (or parts of the priorities) can be automated, delegated, simplified, or outsourced and then DO IT!

Step #3: Evaluate the outcome and repeat the process.  Here is my list of things that can easily be automated, delegated, simplified, or outsourced… only if you are brave enough to make the change to make more time for yourself.


15 Things to Take Off of Your Plate

  1. Working out- Hire a coach or pick a plan and make exercise appointments in your calendar.
  2. Getting to the workout. – Lay out clothes, shoes, water, and gear the day before.
  3. Planning your meals. – Use an app or website to help.
  4. Prepping your meals. – Let someone else cook, visit My Fit Foods, or buy pre-cooked/convenience options (that fit the Transformation Lifestyle of course).
  5. Eating on the go. – Use Isagenix Shakes or Isalean Bars with you and decide in advance your top 3 drive-thru meals to grab in a pinch.
  6. Drinking water. – Get a container that holds your daily allowance and set reminders.
  7. Cleaning your house. – Get the family involved, hire a housekeeper or barter using a skill that you actually enjoy (maybe you can dog sit in exchange for cleaning services).
  8. Laundry- Get the family involved, hire a housekeeper, or use drop off laundry services.
  9. Grocery Shopping- Let your husband or older children do it, make a standing appointment or use a concierge service like Coppell Concierge.
  10. Running errands- Make a standing appointment and run all of your errands at one time or use a concierge service.
  11. Keeping cars cleaned- Let your husband or older children do it, make a standing appointment or use a concierge service.
  12. Taxi Mom Duties: Make friends and share the load with other moms.
  13. Date Nights- Stick to certain day(s) of the week or month and make standing appointments.  Alternate who plans the activities.
  14. Mommy Time- Pick activities you enjoy doing together and sign up for a lesson or make a standing appointment.
  15. Beauty treatments- Make a standing appointment even if you will be doing your own services.

I am sure I have only scratched the surface of all of the things you do on a daily basis but I am sure you get the point.  Your complex life can be simplified so that you feel in control and have mental energy to dedicate to the things that only you can do.  Pick the ones that resonate and ignore the ones that don’t!

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