Do you feel stuck with a body you don’t really enjoy but feel challenged to change?
Have you tried so many times (and failed) that you wonder if you should even bother trying again?
Do you (maybe secretly) feel like a failure for not meeting your body transformation and weight loss goals?
If so, this blog is for you!  You can change all of those feelings into wild success if you grasp the concept in this blog… the concept that failure is merely feedback sent to help you learn and grow.

Excerpt from the “Super Six-Week Slimdown Challenge Manual”…

Mindset Dilemma #3: Fatal Failure Mindset

We already said that slip ups and compromises will happen. What you may not realize is that those failures are exactly what you need to help you build a transformation lifestyle that is sustainable and uniquely yours.  Anyone can diet for a few days or weeks but in order to build a sustainable, unique, transformation lifestyle, you will need to fail, learn, and adjust.  Failures can be your biggest asset when you CHOOSE to see failure as feedback rather than as fatal (your plan and progress won’t die because you failed at something). There are 3 STEPS you must take in order to turn failures into stepping stones.
STEP #1: Own the slip up and resist the temptation to blame something/ someone else. Absolving yourself of responsibility for your choices also robs you of power to change. You end up playing the victim and victims are not victorious.
STEP #2: Ask yourself why the slip up / compromise happened? Was the failure due to your plan, preparation, or mindset?
STEP #3: Address the root issue that caused the slip up. Plan and preparation are relatively easy to address (this is something you would share in the online group for help if you had a difficult time figuring it out). Mindset takes the longest to change so if your slip up was a result of a mindset issue, figure out what plan or preparation step you can take to minimize the chance of repeating the slip up while you work to change your mindset.
Here’s an example. If you end up at a friend’s house and eat dessert because everyone else was having it and you wanted to feel included, that is a mindset issue. So while you work on addressing your thoughts and feelings related to inclusion, individuality, etc., you could plan to bring a dessert to share to future gatherings (one that fits your plan). Now your need to be included on the dessert ritual is fulfilled without blowing your plan. This takes mindfulness. You cannot detect and fix the root issues if you refuse to pay attention or ask yourself the hard questions. You will be stuck in a painful avoidance loop where you begin the process and then quit every time your new lifestyle is challenged rather than figuring out a way to keep going.
So there you have it- failure can help you succeed IF AND ONLY IF you are ready to put in the MENTAL WORK of being mindful and asking the hard questions. If you want an experienced guide on this journey of using your failures as feedback to build your unique, sustainable, transformation process, sign up for the upcoming Super Six-Week Slimdown Challenge today.  We start on Monday!

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