During the last episode of the podcast, we explored whether or not food journaling was really helpful for weight loss. One of the major challenges we uncovered was the amount of time and effort the process takes. In this episode, we dive into three great hacks that make the process easier and set you up to reap the benefits of food journaling without being burned out by the process.

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3:03 – One of the Biggest Reasons Why We Quit Food Journaling Before We Experience Benefits

1:35 – Hack #1: The “In Advance” Approach

3:20 – Hack #2: The Open Note Approach

6:06 – Hack #3: The Picture Approach

8:48 – The Other Reason – Other than Inconvenience – that We Quit Journaling & What to Do About It



Episode 98: Does Food Journaling Really Help with Weight Loss?

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