What I'm Doing to Get My Body Summer ReadyIt’s March already and in Texas that means that summer’s just a few weeks away. So, I decided that it was time to get my body summer ready.


Now before you wonder if I have completely flipped the script and turned into an infomercial, I want you to know that a summer ready body means different things for different people. It’s not always about losing a ton of weight or trying to get a flat stomach to wear a 2-piece swimsuit.


At one point in my life, that was what getting my body summer ready was all about. However now, having a summer ready body means so much more.


Listen to this episode to learn what having a summer ready body means to me now and the changes that I’m making to my lifestyle, food, and workouts to get it.


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1:20 – Special Announcement

4:38 – What Getting My Body Summer Ready Used to Mean

9:00 – Lifestyle Change #1: Getting More Sleep

11:07 – Change #2: Optimizing My Hydration

13:15 –  Change #3: Meal Prep Lite

18:54 – Change #4: My Weight Lifting Approach

21:54 – Change #5: My Conditioning Approach

24:15- Change #6: Who I’m Training With

26:02 – Fierce Follow Up


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