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Today we’re going to talk about why really intelligent, traditionally smart, and tough ladies struggle with weight loss. So, if you fit either of those categories and you aren’t satisfied with your weight loss results, rate of results, or how you feel while creating those results, this episode is for you.

There’s a really straightforward reason why we smart ladies know exactly what to do yet still struggle to make it happen. The answer isn’t more knowledge but instead seeking something that we rarely seek.


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2:50 – My Client’s Big Confession About Why She Second Guessed Coaching With Me

4:04 – The Reason Smart Women Struggle with Weight Loss

5:18 – Problem #1 That is Created

6:10 – Problem #2 That is Created

10:10 Problem #3 That is Created

11:36 – Fierce Follow Up: Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover the Solution


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