3 Ways to Meal Prep with Ease & Efficiency

In today’s show, we’re going to keep it fun and light and practical. We’re talking about 3 ways to meal prep with ease and efficiency.

So if you know that you do better, you’re more consistent with your figure-friendly eating when you’re able to prep and plan things in advance, but you struggle to find the time to do that; I’m going to give you 3 ways to make it easier and still effective.


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1:08 – Figure-Friendly Menu Planning Workshop Promo

4:06 – Why You Should Meal Prep

4:51 – Strategy 1: Embrace Meal Prep Lite

6:44 – Strategy 2: Buy “Pre”

8:38 – Strategy 3: Putting Meals on Repeat

13:11 – Fierce Follow-Up

13:45 – Become a Fierce Friend


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Episode 38: What I’m Doing to Get My Body Summer Ready

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3 Ways to Meal Prep with Ease & Efficiency