In today’s show we’re gonna talk about the easy hacks that you can use to make your food and fitness on track while you are traveling for the holidays.

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1:09 – The Super Juicy “Fitting It In” Guest Interview Series Coming this January

2:36 – Challenges with Traveling For The Holiday Season

4:38 – Decide Which Outcome You Want During the Season

6:11 – Determine Which Daily Actions are Necessary to Achieve that Outcome

9:48 – Assess How Your Travel Impacts You Ability to Execute Your Daily Actions

11:11 – Look for Workarounds to Minimize the Impact

14:11 – Workarounds that Fit Regardless of the Desired Outcome:

14:27 – Food (restaurants and eateries, grocery shop, go to meals)

20:19 – Fitness (home / hotel workouts – short workouts, walk, active fun, airport activity, family games)

23:08 – Fierce Follow Up

23:37 – Become A Fierce Friend


Fitting It In

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Easy Hacks to Keep Your Food & Fitness on Track While Traveling for the Holidays