So they say that working out makes you feel great and gives you so much energy but you don’t quite see it that way. When you exercise, you feel drained and quite frankly most days you are too tired to give it a try.

You don’t work out because you are too tired.  You are tired because you don’t work out.  How do you escape this vicious cycle?

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Tip #1: Start small or slow.

You don’t have to do the most hardcore hour long workout you can find to reap the benefits of exercise so start small or start slow.  If you’re just going through a brief period of fatigue due to temporary schedule changes, dial back and take the “start small” approach.  Are you used to working out for 30 minutes? Try 10. A workout can be short and still be effective and shortening your workout may be the thing you need to get over the too tired to workout feeling.


When you are chronically fatigued and can’t remember the last time that you felt rested, a hardcore workout (even a short one) may do more damage than good.  In this case, the best thing for you is committing to a slow walk each day.  Walk to the corner and walk back, then walk two corners down and walk back and just build up. You will begin to feel a difference and soon not be too tired to work out.

Tip #2: Match your workout and high energy times.

Know and respect your daily fluctuations in energy.  The best time to work out is the time you will do it and have enough energy to really go for it.  So ditch the notion of morning workouts being the gold standard and work out when it makes sense for you.

Tip #3: Get more rest.

Getting more rest is the most obvious and most overlooked solution to being too tired to work out. Maybe you are saying “sure I would rest more if I had someone to take care of all of the things I need to do”.  I get it.  I understand it.  I have said it and I know that if you we are anything alike, there is SOMEWHERE in your day that you are doing non-essential tasks.  There is wasted time somewhere that can be repurposed for rest.  Maybe you scroll through social media feeds, watch late night TV, or could be more efficient with some of your daily tasks.  No matter where that time is, the fact is that if you really want to overcome being too tired to work out something needs to change.  The first two tips can help you get moving and train despite being tired but getting more rest can make the “too tired to workout” days a thing of the past.


too tired to workout summary

That’s my two cents on getting past being too tired to work out.  Do you see yourself in this article?  Where are you?  Are you holding yourself to an exercise standard that doesn’t make sense for where you are right now?  Trying to train at a time where you have no umph simply because someone said that was the “right” time or needing to rest more?  Let me know in the comments below.

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