You know a ton about nutrition and exercise but you struggle to consistently put all of the pieces together so that you can enjoy weight loss success.

You are not alone!

So many women go hard for a few months and see results until it all falls apart.  Others take things more slowly by implementing one step after another but don’t see any real progress toward their goal and consequently quit taking steps.

I have been there too and here are the actions that I have taken to put all of the pieces together to achieve significant, sustainable weight loss without becoming frustrated and worn out in the process.

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Step #1: Pick ONE action as your starting point.

So you may have heard that you need to optimize your protein intake, eat enough vegetables, drink enough water, move daily, strength train, do metabolic conditioning, and the list goes on.  Doesn’t it?  Because we are often in a place of desperation when we start our journey, we try to do ALL of what we have heard immediately and then we burn out.

Rather than split your focus and your ability to follow through.  Pick one action to start with and make sure that it is one that will actually move the needle with your results and preferably will make future actions easier as well.

I understand that taking this approach may make you feel like you are not doing enough or not set up to achieve enough, the truth is that trying everything at once and then failing again and again doesn’t REALLY move us toward our goals either.

Step #2: Master your one action and then move on to the next.

The master and move on approach is what I call habit stacking.  To make habit stacking work, you have to make sure that you have actually mastered the first habit before you stack the next.  If you have been working on a habit for two weeks and have managed to do it for only five days, it is not time to move on because you haven’t truly mastered it yet.

When you find that you’re doing it eighty percent of the time, we’ll call that mastering, now you stack another habit and repeat the process.

Step #3: Dial back as needed.

Let’s say you succeed at optimizing your protein intake, vegetable intake, water intake, and daily movement.  Now you are at the part in the process where you convert some of your movement sessions into high intensity workouts and when you start doing that everything falls apart.  You struggle with eating enough protein.  You are missing your daily water goal.  Everything is reversing.

Rather than dig your heels in and try harder to make everything work, dial back.  Go back to the previous step and eliminate the new action.

Give yourself a week of following your habits consistently and then try stacking the next habit again.

put all pieces together summary



There you have it- a step by step process to put all of the pieces together for significant, sustainable weight loss.  Where do you get stuck in this process?  Is it in identifying the starting step, picking the next one and moving on, or dialing back when it is necessary?  Let me know in the comments below.

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