Cracking the Code on Lasting Weight Loss

While many women struggle to find the balance between attaining a fierce figure and having a full life, Phyllis Thompson (Fit Club Member), has identified her own magic formula.  In this short interview Phyllis shares various nuggets and tips to her successful transformation.



  • What motivated her to get recommitted to her health and weight loss goals.
  • The biggest benefits she reaped from adding strength training to her fitness schedule (which was previously only cardio).
  • The *healthy foods* that were sabotaging her progress and how she figures out what is figure friendly now.
  • Her mindset tips and strategies to enjoy travel, dining out, and plenty of time with friends while still losing weight.



As Phyllis’ coach I saw TWO distinct changes in her approach that I believe led to even greater weight loss success and sustainability for her.  The first change was adding resistance training to increase her metabolism so that she was no longer solely relying on the calories she burned through exercise to encourage her body to release fat mass. The second (and maybe even more important change) was incorporating a stronger focus on getting in the right amount of protein each day while ditching, carb heavy, protein light processed food that was marketed as *health food*.

Most amazing to me was Phyllis’ ability to maintain perspective when it came to indulgences.  I was impressed by her ability to enjoy travel, time out with friends, and the indulgent food that comes with that without over restricting (which eventually backfires) or overindulging (which sabotages results).  Awesome job!


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