Inside Stephanie’s Coaching Club Transformation

Inside Stephanie's Coaching Club Transformation

In today’s show, I am interviewing a Rockstar coaching club client of mine Stephanie Greiner. She has had an amazing transformation, but even more than her transformation and her results, I just think that her story is really, really cool. She is determined and I love her “get-it-done” attitude. I think you’ll find her super inspiring and I can’t wait for you guys to meet her. I’m sure she’s going to drop some gems too so get a paper and pen out.


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1:15 – How to Lose Weight for Good Promo

2:25 – Introducing Stephanie

2:58 – Who Is Stephanie?

3:45 – Stephanie’s Story

5:00 – Previous Weight Loss Attempts & Results

7:16 – Emotional Journey

9:11 – Balancing Homeschooling & Workouts

11:03 – Getting Fed Up

13:12 – Finding Another Way

15:00 – Not Giving Up Good Food

18:38 – What Committing to Consistency Looked Like

22:27 – Getting Through the Hard Days

24:38 – Results

27:27 – Confidence in Sustaining the New Lifestyle

29:11 – Advice

32:02 – Fierce Follow-Up

33:24 – Become a Fierce Friend


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Inside Stephanie's Coaching Club Transformation

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