You hear people talking about the energy they get from working out but you feel like “woman down” after yours.


You want to lose weight, tighten up that waistline, and even feel like a boss when you work out.  Motivation is not the issue for you.  The problem is you don’t have the time to be on your back for the day when the workout is done.  You are a boss and people depend on you to get stuff done…with excellence…errrrrrday.


Your workout either needs to contribute to your greatness or exit stage left.


Before you decide that all of those happy people who get energized from their workouts are crazy liars, read on to find out why you may feel worse after your workouts rather than better.



5 Reasons You Feel Worse After You Work Out


Too Little Fuel

You would never try to drive from New York to LA on a quarter tank of gas.  However, you show up to your kickboxing class, weight lifting workout, or morning run on empty. You are asking your body to give what it doesn’t have.


The fact that you feel like death when your workout is over is a direct results of the lack of food in your system.


The same way your car would turn on the low fuel light then sputter and stop if you ignored its need for fuel, your body will as well.


Too Little Recovery

The harder you train, the harder you need to recover.  You may feel refreshed and energized after going for a morning walk even if you didn’t sleep much. However, if you do a high intensity workout on the same amount of rest, that workout probably won’t be your best and it just may take you out for the rest of the day.


If you are training like an elite athlete but recovering like a fitness novice, chances are you will feel worse rather than better after your workouts.


You may get a full night’s rest and still feel like death after your workouts because recovery isn’t just sleep.  Recovery includes taking days off from high intensity workouts, warm soaks, contrast showers, and massages too. Make sure that you have recovery activities scheduled in your week and not just workouts.


Too Much Intensity

You need to challenge the body to change the body but challenge is relative.  With HIIT and other forms of high intensity training being more mainstream, you may be pushing yourself in the gym way more than before.  While challenging your body is one of the keys to success when it comes to working out for weight loss, you can overdo it.


High intensity for you may be a brisk walk while it is an all out sprint for someone else.  Always check in with your body to see how a workout feels.  A challenging workout should get you sweaty and breathless.  However if you are struggling to speak, getting dizzy, or seeing stars during a workout, that is a sign that you are going too hard.


Everybody wants to be hardcore but intensity is earned. Force it early and you will feel bad after your workouts.


When you go from zero to one hundred on the intensity scale in a single workout, you are going to feel bad after it is done.  The right way to embrace intense exercise is to EARN YOUR INTENSITY.  For the first few sessions, start out at a lower intensity than you think you can handle.  Prove to yourself that you can handle it by finishing the workout without seeing stars.  In your next workout, you can go a little harder with heavier weights, more reps, faster movement or less rest.  Continue to knock out one level of intensity before attempting the next.



Too Much Time

With the exception of leisure walks, you can overdo any form of exercise- even short, high intensity workouts.


If your workouts are taking up the same amount of time as a part time job, reconsider your approach.


If you thought you would cheat the system and speed up your weight loss by doubling up on your weight loss workouts, think again.  Those two a days and that beast mode attitude is going to backfire.  Your body needs days off from high intensity exercise.  As I mentioned before, the more you train, the better you need to recover.  If you are working out a lot and feeling worse after your workouts, there is an imbalance. You either need more recovery or less time sweating it out.


A Combination of Too Much Intensity and Too Much Time

Training too hard for too many hours is the signature mistake of the super motivated woman on a weight loss mission.


When you train too hard for too long,  you are literally asking to feel worse after your workouts.


So here are your daily workout options if you want to work out and feel good when it is done.  You can train hard for a short amount of time or you can take it easy for for a longer time.


5 Reasons You Feel Worse After You Work Out

You have learned the reasons why you may feel worse after your workout. Tell me which reason you think applies to your situation in the comments below.  Then before you go, share this with another boss lady who wants to get that workout in without compromising her excellence in everyday life.

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