When Less Exercise is Best (Audio Interview)

It is only natural to think that the MORE we train and the more strict we are on our diets the better results we will get.  However there is a sweet spot that is just enough and not too much that will produce great results and *more importantly* SUSTAINABILITY.

Really who wants to look GRRRREAT for a few weeks, months, or even years to have it all come crashing down when the plan is just not feasible anymore?   Trust me I have done this enough times in my own life and I get just how tempting it is to go ALL OUT… forever.  It is easy to believe that a strict plan that is best suited for dialing your look in TEMPORARILY could possibly be a lifestyle but unless you are getting paid to be an uber lean machine year round, it is unlikely that something so strict will become your *way of life*.

But we all have different journeys and each have to come to our own acceptance of what is *normal* for us at the exact moment that we are ready to have that epiphany.

Today Rene Cannon shares her story of going from bonafide *gym rat* to living a very balanced, active lifestyle that has produced a body that not only looks great but performs well too.

The best part?  Now she gets to enjoy pizza night with friends and more time outside of the gym for the things she really loves.

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