Push Up Program For Women



Few things scream feminine fortitude and physical prowess like being able to drop and do strict “boy push ups” for reps. Being able to load those jokers up with a band and only use one leg like a “BOSS” (like our client Patty does in this video) is like telling life, “Take your best shot… I am READY!”.

So if you are struggling to get more than one push up, close your eyes and imagine how you will feel doing push ups with EASE. No REALLY close your eyes… DO IT! That felt good didn’t it? So now it is time to take that visualization and make it reality. Here’s how…

Daily Push Up Practice to Increase # of Strict Push Ups

You should have conquered your first strict push up before beginning this plan…

Day 1:

Weighted Negative Push Up Practice
Use a weighted vest or dumbbells in a back pack and attached to you to add weight to your body. Start in the up position and lower yourself SLOWLY to the floor. Cheat back up and repeat

3 sets of 3-5

NOTE: When you can do sets of 5, it is time to increase the weight and drop back down to 3 reps in order to continue to increase your strength.

Day 2:

Advanced Push Up Practice
Do single leg or elevated feet push ups. Be sure to go through the FULL RANGE OF MOTION.

3 sets of 3-8

NOTE: When you can do sets of 8, it is time to increase the height of the elevation or progress the push up in any of the following ways, elevate legs on stability ball, place hands on stability ball (start with ball supported by the wall first if you do this), use a resistance band loop around your back and anchored by your hands, OR slow down the tempo to a 3-count down, 2 count hold, 1 count push.

Day 3:

Push Up Endurance Practice

Do as many continuous strict push ups as you can. You can pause in the resting position (up position of push up with hips piked in the air with majority of weight in your feet) and continue and that still counts as doing continuous push ups.

2 sets of your maximum

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

You can do these practices on consecutive days because of the low volume. If you feel extremely sore or your push up performance is decreasing, take a day off. most people will need a day off after endurance practice.

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