How to Leverage Your Worst Eating Days for Better Weight Loss Results

Trying to eat perfectly is exactly why you are stuck on your weight loss journey.


Being an all or nothing girl is leaving you with nothing to show for your weight loss efforts.


Here’s something that needs to be said…OUT LOUD.


Burgers happen.


Pizza happens.


Cake happens.


Wine happens.


I know for sure that pancakes happen.


This happened in real life.


The part that drives you insane at times is that sometimes they all happen… on the same day.  That’s when you call it a “bad eating day”.  You can’t understand why it happened AGAIN.  You swear to yourself, and maybe your social media friends, that you are getting serious.  Then you try again to be “all in” so that you can get results- maybe with the help of a meal plan or meal delivery service this time.



How to Leverage Your Worst Eating Days for Better Weight Loss Results


You don’t need more willpower, a new diet, or even a personalized meal plan.  You don’t need to be perfect. You certainly don’t need to hustle harder.


What you need is a strategy to leverage those bad eating days to maximize your results.


You want that don’t you? Let’s dive in.


Know That Eating Your Favorites is a Part of Your Weight Loss Approach

Your reaction to the food you eat is a bigger problem than the food itself.  You go hard on the bread basket so you order wine too.  You ordered the burger instead of the salad so you add dessert.  When you eat anything that doesn’t fall into the neat category of “weight loss food”, you panic.

Panicking when you eat food that isn’t figure friendly is setting you up to go overboard. After the tiniest indulgence, you go all in on the food to “get it out of your system”.  You think that once you get this out of your system, you can start fresh and be perfect tomorrow.

The problem is that the perfect day never comes because perfection lives over the rainbow next door to the unicorn.  When you accept that no one food choice is going to wreck your results, you have the proper perspective to stay on track.  You don’t go overboard at that meal or the next. Accept that you are going to have your favorites so that when it happens, you can stay calm and move on to the next meal that supports your goals.


Stick to the Baseline Nutrition Habits That Matter

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule right?  Well it applies to weight loss as well.  Eighty percent of your results will come from twenty percent of your efforts.  Figure out what your twenty percent habits are and stick to them as much as possible.

You may add in some “eighty percent habits” to accelerate your results at times.  However if you commit to the twenty percent and consider that a win, you can still get results even on your bad eating days.

If you need a clue about where to start the journey of discovering what your “twenty percent habits” are when it comes to nutrition, my blog on the simplest way to eat for weight loss can be your crash course.


READ: How to Eat for Weight Loss the Simple Way


Eat Smaller Portions of the Stuff That Doesn’t Support Your Goals

You know this already but the whole “I messed up so I may as well go all in” mentality keeps you from implementing this very basic strategy.  Just because you eat a slice of pizza doesn’t mean you need to eat the whole pizza.  Drinking a glass of wine doesn’t have to lead to the disappearance of an entire bottle.

The key to sticking to reasonable portions of your favorite foods is keeping things in perspective.  Remember that first point?  These foods are a part of the plan.  No need to be shocked when they pass your lips.  They have done it before.  They will do it again.  Enjoy a moderate portion and move on.


Understand That Eating Moderately is a Practice That Takes Time

Right now you are probably like this all SOUNDS good but you don’t know ME.  I can’t have just one.  Whenever I have a glass, I have a bottle.  Moderation… what is THAT?

Listen I feel you on this one.  I seriously used to roll my eyes when I would hear fitness buffs talk about moderation.  I would literally think “if I was good at moderation, I wouldn’t have weight to lose”.

Let me level with you… I still feel that way when I hear “everything in moderation”.  I want to stand on my soap box and yell, “Yeah but tell them what comes BEFORE moderation”.  Here’s the thing.

“There are levels to this”.



That is not how this works. But here’s the good news…

Moderation gets easier when you remember that having your favorite foods isn’t messing up and that you can have them again after today. There is a caveat though. Your twenty percent habits need to nourish your body so that you have the PHYSICAL CAPACITY to eat your favorites in moderation.  Hormones are real and they rule.  If your twenty percent habits lack the proper nutrients, you will have to use willpower and brute force to eat your favorites in moderation. So again, if you don’t know what that looks like, read my blog on eating for weight loss the simple way.


Here it is again…
READ: How to Eat for Weight Loss the Simple Way


QUICK SIDE NOTE… This is kind of like how it works in the Bible, when something is repeated, take heed.  Read that blog I just linked to up there… like Right. After. This. One.


Remember That Nothing is Irreversible

You know what practice means right?  Sometimes you nail it.  Sometimes you don’t.  The more you do it, the better you get.

So when you find yourself half a pizza, an order of fries, a bottle of wine, and a slice of cake in before you stop yourself- don’t panic.  It happens.  You are practicing.  If you ate enough carbs for four months this weekend- don’t sweat it.  If you keep practicing it gets better each time.

Nothing is irreversible.  When you keep your perspective in place and go back to your twenty percent habits, the water weight that will show up on the scale in the morning will be gone in just a few days.  It is only when you freak out over a slip up that you end up stuck with the weight you gained.


That’s it lady.  I have said all I have to say about how to leverage your worst eating days to get results anyway.


How to Leverage Your Worst Eating Days for Better Weight Loss Results


What do you think about all of this?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to share this with another boss lady on the go because we can all stand to be a little less stressed about food.

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