Attention: Women On the Go Who Want to LOOK and FEEL Fierce at Forty and Beyond

Create and Follow Your Personalized Plan to
Get the Weight Off and Keep it Off

...without obsessing over food and exercise!

Session Begins: Fall 2022


There’s a reason you haven’t gotten the weight off for good! And it’s NOT because you haven’t found the right diet, need to try harder, or just don’t want it badly enough.

If I had to take a guess, you're probably...

  • Worn out from the promises that don’t deliver and the results that don’t stick. 
  • At a point in life where you require actually liking how you eat and you’re over feeling like you have to suffer your way to results.
  • Done with the “get it off quick” methods of your 20s that are failing you miserably now that you’re approaching 40 and beyond.
  • Tired of dieting but don’t know what to eat to lose the weight for good.
  • Completely over “working it off” with nonstop group fitness classes and/or following random workouts from online fitness influencers.
  • Ready to take an approach that will deliver results that stay without making you miserable.

If you answered YES to these statements, you’re in the right place!

You’re over 40 and you’ve done alllll the diets. They worked until… 

  • YOU didn’t (because they were making you miserable), or 
  • THEY didn’t (because your body got tired of the shenanigans and stopped responding).

You already know that another diet isn’t the answer but you also know that some of the promises you’ve heard before sounds like gimmicks and you’re not trying to get taken for a ride… AGAIN!

I won’t insult your intelligence by leading with promises that sound just like the gimmicks floating around on your social media feed. 

I’m not going to declare that you can just “eat what you want” (even though I *can* show you how to do this) or that you can “lose the weight without spending hours in the gym!” (even though this *is* possible with the right program).”

Leading the conversation with those claims would make you quickly run away because you’ve heard all of that before. 

Attached to each one of those promises was a catch - something that still didn’t work for you. 

You know what I mean. It goes a little something like this - “eat whatever you want and still lose weight”. However, you will weigh and measure every morsel, track it in an app, and hit your very specific calorie and macro targets each day.

Who has time for that?

Who wants to obsess over food like that?

Who wants to live like that- lamenting over your “low balance” of calories or carbs when your family comes home with a dessert that you can’t have?

So, instead of leading with those promises, I’m going to tell you the truth!

The real reason why it’s been impossible to get the weight off for good is that the approaches you’ve tried did one of two things that robbed you of success. 

Either you had very few choices and had to “do it or don’t” OR there were so many choices without the structure you needed to help you succeed. 

I get it! I’ve been there and so have many of my clients. What we found was that everything else we’d ever tried was missing one or more of the following factors:


An Effective Approach

That honors your food and lifestyle preferences. You have to choose between the results you want and the food and lifestyle you love.


Non-Judgemental Support and Coaching

To help you tweak the program so that it fits you. No “just follow the program if you want it” attitude over here.


Accountability and Outside Perspective

To help you learn from your struggles and enthusiastically move forward. No more quitting on yourself.

Each attempt at getting control in these programs involves the same cycle – lose the weight, hate the process, try to eat like a normal person and gain the weight.

There has to be a better way!

I’m a 43-year-old busy wife and mom of two.

12 years ago, I was at my wit's end with my struggle with my weight. Prior to giving birth to my first child, I had “succeeded” at losing weight- depending on what you call success.

I would describe my weight loss as “struggle success”. I obtained my goal, but it didn’t feel good and it was unnecessarily hard to maintain.

Initially, I lost 30 pounds following a popular diet center program. I felt great until I realized that I didn’t want to count, track, earn “treats” with exercise, and “bank” my food forever.

However, each time I tried to just eat like a regular person... I gained weight! I tried several other programs made popular by books and infomercials and every time was the same. It *worked* until I realized that the approach wasn’t a lifestyle for me.

By the time I became pregnant and gave birth to my first child, I was so fed up with the old way that I was willing to give a new way an honest shot. I had lots of weight to lose and I knew that the process mattered this time

  • I had no desire to be super strict with my eating or exercise. 
  • I knew I didn’t have the mental bandwidth to obsess over food. 
  • And, I already knew that anything that would keep the weight off had to really fit how I liked to eat – no more convincing myself that the temporary solutions could “become” a lifestyle for me. 

So, I used what I knew about what worked and combined it with how I REALLY liked to eat to craft an approach to get back in shape.

I shed over 63 pounds while exercising ONE-THIRD of the time I used to exercise in the past.

  • I didn’t track food. 
  • I didn’t give up sweets. 
  • I didn’t spend hours in the gym each week. 

I had literally accomplished the most by doing the least – but doing it REALLY well. When I needed to do it again after having my daughter, it worked again!

I was finally able to:

  • Stop worrying about following the programs to the letter. 
  • No longer stress out when my husband surprised me with a dining experience when it wasn’t my “cheat day”. 
  • Enjoy social outings and fun again instead of being a source of angst because of the food involved. 
  • Travel and enjoy the local delicacies without worrying about my results.

While getting and keeping results was nice, the most important part to me was the sense of FREEDOM I felt. I was no longer occupied with food or my body. I didn’t have to worry about what to eat or trade that worry for what to wear out of limited well-fitting outfits.

If we’re anything alike, you may be thinking, “that’s nice, but I don’t know if that’s possible for me”. Here’s the thing... This isn’t something that has only worked for me. It’s something that has worked for several of my clients too.

Sonja went from feeling like she couldn’t ever change her habits and get the results she wanted unless her husband changed his way to feeling like she could eat ANYWHERE and stay on track without feeling deprived.

At the point the picture above was taken, she had lost over 50 pounds. She’s now almost 70 pounds lighter and has kept it off over three years.

Renina went from feeling like it would be hard to eat well because she was too busy to cook to realizing that she could still get amazing results even if she never cooked a single meal.

She lost over 20 pounds in eight weeks by focusing on only two of the food strategies we cover in this program.

Renee went from feeling like she didn’t have the time to focus on her own health to getting into her best shape ever while taking care of a terminally ill family member.

She leveraged the power of the simple daily movement strategy you’ll learn in this program along with a firm commitment to herself to go from a size 16 to a size 8.

Bernice leveraged the power of small daily disciplines to achieve her desired transformation after having her second child. She leveraged the meal building tweaks you’ll learn in this program to alter her breakfast to set her up for a successful day of healthy eating. 

She successfully achieved the fierce mommy look she had in mind when she started.

While many programs out there can help you achieve results.

Most of them won’t feel good - natural, like something you could do forever. Here’s how my clients felt - how YOU could feel too!

There IS a lifestyle approach to eating that works. You CAN get results without spending hours in the gym.

This is why I created…

Get It Off Keep It Off

A group coaching experience for women who are ready to crack the code on losing weight for good without dieting and living in the gym.


What You Can Expect to Achieve

  • Eliminate bloating and water retention within the first few days.
  • Decrease hunger and cravings within the first two weeks.
  • Feel more in control and confident that your food choices are in alignment with your goal.
  • Experience greater enjoyment of Figure Friendly Meals - without deprivation and restriction.
  • Release pounds without excessive exercise or strict food rules.
  • Establish daily practices that make continued weight management feasible - no more crash and burn when the program ends.

What We’ll Cover in Get it Off Keep it Off

Module 1: Crush Cravings & Hunger

  • Incorporate beverages that eliminate false hunger 
  • Fill up with fiber.
  • Rock the daily lifestyle routines that hush hunger and crush cravings.

In this module, you will receive:

  • Salad & Smoothie Guide

Module 2: Reset Your Appetite

  • Power up with nutrients guaranteed to keep you fuller longer so that portion control is easier than ever.
  • Practice portion control that really works.

In this module, you will receive:

  • Protein Selection Cheatsheet
  • Protein Portion Cheatsheet
  • Protein-Packed Breakfast List

Module 3: Reset Your Taste Buds

  • Reclaim control over your food choices.
  • Learn to short circuit overindulgence before it starts.

In this module, you will receive:

  • Reset Your Tastebuds Meal Template & Samples

Module 4: Master Meal Satisfaction without Overindulgence

  • Overcome the full but “still need something” feeling become truly satisfied with each meal.
  • Experiment with your starch servings to discover your own “starch sweet spot”.
  • Master the meal formula that makes room for sips (adult beverages) and sweets without sabotaging results.

In this module, you will receive:

  • Figure Friendly Meal Templates & Samples
  • Starch Sweetspot Cheatsheet

Module 5: Results Forever: Fine Tuning & Adjustments

  • Master simple self-assessment to easily identify which lever to pull to reclaim or keep results.
  • What, when, why to track to keep results without driving yourself crazy.
  • Learn the formula to overcome plateaus to keep results coming.

In this module, you will receive:

  • Self-Assessment Checklist
  • The Plateau Breaker Cheatsheet
  • 5-Module Curriculum so that you have clarity on which daily actions deserve your attention and why they make a difference.
  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls so that you can have direct access to me for help with tweaking the framework to fit your life.
  • Private Online Group so that you can have the daily accountability and community support you need to keep you motivated to practice what you’re learning.
  • Personalized Get it Off Keep it Off Plan so that you know exactly which daily actions you’ll continue to practice and master to ensure you Get it Off and Keep it Off when the program is done.

If this sounds like the approach that you didn’t even realize you needed, let’s connect to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Before we connect, I have to be blatantly honest with you about something…

Every woman CAN get results using this system, but not every woman is READY to get results.

I know it may seem strange for me to admit this to you before we even discuss the possibility of working together, but it’s important to put that out there. HERE’S WHY…

Working with me isn’t a magic bullet. It will only work if you’re truly ready to embrace the process. After working with hundreds of women, I’ve noticed the common characteristics and mindset that differentiates those who experience wild success instead of extreme frustration. I want to help you achieve your goals in a way that is more enjoyable than you ever knew was possible. 

That starts with helping you determine if you’re ready to take this journey in this specific way. Considering the following statements outlined below is an easy way for you to self-assess whether or not we should consider working together.

This Program is For You If:

  • You’re more interested in lasting results than fast results. If you had to choose between fast results that you’ll struggle to maintain and results that take a little time but stick like glue, you’d choose the latter.
  • You require an approach that has plenty of room for the food you like outside of “treats” or “cheat meals”. You want to break the all or nothing mindset and wish to steer clear of behavior that triggers it.
  • You already know what to do, but realize that lack of accountability- not knowledge- has kept you stuck without getting results. You value accountability and need help to identify and overcome your blindspots that have short-circuited your consistency in the past. You’re not expecting to “learn a lot”. You’re expecting to implement more consistently than ever before and reap the results that come from that effort.

This Program is NOT For You If:

  • You don’t have an appreciation for process. You have little patience when it comes to a step by step approach and you want to skip to more advanced steps before mastering the simple first steps that build a foundation for sustainable results.
  • The only success you’re willing to acknowledge is a lower number on the scale. Your desire to lose weight now causes you to disregard the non-scale victories that signal the inevitability of the weight loss results you want.
  • You believe that you can get lasting results without addressing the inner dialogue that drives the misalignment of your desires and actions. You resist introspection regarding the motivation for misaligned choices and refuse to dig deeper than the “I have to try harder” mantra.

If you’ve read this far, and you feel that this program is a match for your needs, I can’t wait to speak with you!

Your next step is to apply for and book a Connection Call. This is the first step to help us decide if we are a fit to work together. Fill out the application and select a time for your call. If after reading your application, I realize we’re not a good fit, I will let you know within one business day. Otherwise, we’ll be one step closer to getting on the road to your goals!

Joelle's Experience

Get it Off Keep it Off gave me the flexibility that I needed to make execute the plan with the structure I needed to get results.

Tasha's Experience

Get it Off Keep it Off helped me make doing what was good for me my new normal.

Sharon's Experience

Get it Off Keep it Off was somewhat shocking to me. I couldn't believable that is was so doable and making such a big difference.

Sara's Experience

Get it Off Keep it Off helped me learn how to make small tweaks to the country cooking my family loves to still get results. I'm motivated instead of overwhelmed.

I’ve tried accountability groups and group coaching before and that doesn’t work for me. Is there any way to get personalized support?

Yes. I offer 1:1 coaching using this framework. Complete the application and check the box for 1:1 coaching.

How much weight can I expect to lose during the program?

Previous clients have lost 15-30 pounds over the course of this six-month program and continue to get results with the habits they’ve built. Assuming you consistently practice the concepts and don’t have any underlying medical issues, your rate of results will also depend on how close you are to your ideal weight already and how often and recently you’ve lost and gained significant amounts of weight. 

I really need accountability. How will you hold me accountable during this program?

You’ll be given accountability opportunities through daily check-ins and weekly reviews inside of our private online group. While I can’t “make you” do the program. I will be right there with you each day. If you know you have the tendency to “opt-out” of accountability in group settings, you may want to consider the 1:1 option for this program. Just click the box for 1:1 coaching on your application.

I know what to do but struggle with consistency. Will this program help me?

Yes. The entire program is designed to foster consistency through building high return daily food and fitness habits. If you can commit to relaxing into the process, rather than attempting to speed ahead, you will build the consistency that you need to make results inevitable.

How do you help me if I’m struggling to implement?

I don’t expect you to breeze through this program without help. When you have difficulty implementing, we investigate why. We find ways to eliminate or work around each roadblock as they present themselves to make implementation easier. This is why daily access to your coach is included in the program - to troubleshoot in real-time.

How much access will I have to the coach?

You will have access to your coach Monday through Friday in the online group and on the weekly Q&A calls. 


Will I have to buy protein shakes and supplements to do this program?

No. Everything you’ll learn will help you build meals using food that you can get from any grocery store.

Will I have to count calories or fast?

No. This program is designed to help you get results while eating normally. However, if you already count calories or fast, you will learn strategies and develop habits that can eliminate the hunger and sense of deprivation that is often associated with both of those approaches.  

Will I have to do weekly meal prep?

No. You will learn how to build (or order) meals that support your goal without the need for weekly preps and Tupperware meals. However, you can meal prep if that helps you follow through on eating your intended meals.

Will you give me a meal plan to follow?

No. I will teach you how to make modifications to what you already eat to get the results you want. You’ll receive tools and training to create meals and a menu plan that suits you so that you’ll be excited to eat your food while still getting results.

How much time will I have to spend working out?

You can fit the suggested movement into 20-30 minutes each day. If you have a relatively active lifestyle, you may not need additional movement to meet the program suggestions.

Will I receive a workout plan to follow?

You will receive follow-along video workouts and a workout calendar. However, this is a resource you’ll use if we discover that your current workouts are increasing your hunger and cravings. Doing formal workouts is not a requirement of the program. 

How much time will I need to dedicate to watching the videos?

Each module is broken up into mini-lessons that are 8-21 minutes long. Each week, you’ll spend no more than 1 hour watching the videos that explain the concepts. 

How long will I have access to this program?

You have access to the program videos for the duration of your program. You’ll be able to watch them repeatedly over time and spend as much time as you need on each concept. By the end of the program, you won't need access to the materials because the concepts taught will be your new habits. This program is focused on getting you into action- not staying in a perpetual state of consuming information.

What if I can’t attend the Q&A calls, how can I ask questions and hear what was discussed?

The Q&A calls will be recorded and available to you. You can always ask questions in the online group and submit questions for the call even if you won’t be in attendance.

I’m ready to pay and start. Why do I need to apply?

I want to be sure that this option is the best fit for you. We may discover that one of my other services is a better fit for your needs.

For An Investment of Only $3000, You'll Walk Away with Results, Habits to Make Those Results Stick and Your Personal Plan

Session Begins Fall 2022