How I Stopped Growing Out Of My Clothes On Vacation

In today’s show, I’m going to give you the details on how I stopped growing out of my clothes while on vacation. Yup, I used to do that. Two sets of clothes packed in a suitcase. That was me, but not anymore. Tune in to as I share my strategies with you on how I put end to it.

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1:00 – Gaining 8-10 Lbs While On Vacation Was My Reality

3:40 – Flush Your System By Drinking Water

4:26 – Lower Your Stress by Embracing Leisure

6:48 – Be Active By Celebrating And Partaking In Life

8:47 – Be Mindful By Being Purposeful

11:32 – Figure Friendly Eating Should Be The Base Of How Your Eat – Even On Vacation

12:34 – Indulge Intelligently: Forbidden Fruit Doesn’t Need To Be Consumed If It Isn’t Good.

14:25 – Tame Your Inner Child By Making Choices

17:55 – Fierce Follow-Up

18:28 – Become A Fierce Friend



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How I Stopped Growing Out of My Clothes on Vacation