Why It’s So Hard to Keep the Weight off After Losing It

Why It's So Hard to Keep the Weight Off After You Lose It: Click through to discover why it's so easy to gain the weight back and how to stop doing that.


Many of us have lost 10, 15, and even 30 pounds only to gain it back again. If we are going to ever lose the weight and keep it off, we are going to have to do something differently.

Getting a different outcome requires a different approach. Today, you will learn exactly where we keep going wrong and what to do instead.


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1:36 – Concita’s Experience with Gaining the Weight Back

3:38 – We Lose Weight With Methods That Aren’t Sustainable

6:01 – We Have No Clue How to Incorporate the Foods We Like Without Sabotaging Our Results

8:14 – We Lack Motivation Beyond a Desire to Lose Weight for the Necessary Daily Actions


13:50 – Fierce Follow-Up

14:40 – Motivation Momentum Program to Help With Motivation and Consistency

15:48 – Become a Fierce Friend



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