On the surface, a regularly scheduled cheat day may seem like an effective way to avoid the feeling of deprivation while eating to lose weight. You get one day to eat the indulgent foods you may be missing. The thought is that you can eat the foods, “get it out of your system”, and then continue on with your healthy eating. That’s how it’s supposed to work. For many of us, that’s not how it works in practice.   There’s more to weight loss than balancing calories. The regular practice of having a cheat day can pose threats to your sustainable weight loss far beyond the calories you consume that day.   In this episode of the podcast, I dive into why I think a cheat days are a bad idea if you want to create sustainable weight loss.

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4:45:  You can negate the caloric deficit created during the week with one cheat day. 6:26: Cheat days promote the all or nothing approach. 8:36: Practicing cheat days can increase the desirability of indulgent foods. 11:46: Fierce Follow Up  


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