“You should love yourself just the way you are.”


We’ve all heard this. Most likely, we all agree. However, does that mean that any time we want to change something about ourselves that we don’t love ourselves? Is a desire to change synonymous with an absence of self love? It depends who you ask. A few years ago, when the Body Positivity Movement picked up steam in the mainstream fitness arena, many people grappled with that exact question. Does wanting to lose weight mean I’m not body positive? If I love myself, why do I want to lose weight? Can I love myself as I am now and STILL  want to lose weight? Today, the answer would depend on who you ask.


In today’s episode, Jasmin Murphy and I dive into a discussion on whether or not body positive weight loss is real and what it would look like if it exists.

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5:59: When Body Positivity Entered Mainstream Fitness & How it Looked

8:22: When Body Positivity Started to Look Like Oppression of a Different Kind

16:47: Can a Desire to Lose Weight & Body Positivity Coexist?

27:45: How Jasmin Practices Body Positive Weight Loss

37:08: How Concita Practices Body Positive Weight Loss

58:10 Fierce Follow Up



Concita’s Huffington Post Article on Body Positivity & Weight Loss 

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