Recognizing and Stopping Self Sabotage on Your Weight Loss Journey We’ve all been there. We’re eating way more junk food than we want to eat. We feel bloated and lethargic. We feel like we should stop, but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. We don’t have the energy to make the effort to eat foods that will make us feel better. Yet, until we find a way to eat the foods that make us feel better, we will continue to feel drained and run down. How do we stop the downward spiral and get back to eating in a way that makes us feel great without feeling deprived. That’s what we dive into in today’s episode.

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3:06 –  What Is Self Sabotage? 5:19  – How Self Sabotage Shows Up in Our Lives 12:39 – Why Do We Sabotage Ourselves? 19:10  – Key Steps in Stopping Self Sabotage 28:30  – Fierce Follow Up


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