For every person who swears that their accountability partner was their key to success, there are three others who will tell you that their accountability buddy became their happy hour partner. So what’s the deal with accountability partners? Do they really work for weight loss? Or, are they just another distraction along the road to results?


Do Accountability Partners Really Help You Lose Weight?: Click through and read the article to find out if an accountability is the right next step for you on your weight loss journey. accountability partners, weight loss


The accountability partner relationship only works when you know how to make it work for you. I can honestly say that I would not have made it through my fitness competition prep periods without my accountability buddies. One buddy would text with me during my marathon cardio sessions to keep me entertained. Others would check in with me to make sure I wasn’t straying from my plan at my weekend social events. I literally had an army of support at my fingertips.


I have also had my fair share of accountability partner relationships that have gone wrong. There was the accountability buddy that stopped responding after she gave up on her fitness goals. There was the one who often suggested that we hit up Happy Hour instead of our scheduled gym sessions. While it may seem like I had some “good” and “bad” accountability partners, that really isn’t the case. They were all good. They just weren’t all right for me.


Here’s what makes the difference when it comes to accountability partners for weight loss…



It really is that simple. The key factor is YOU. You have to know what you need and whether or not the person is willing and able to give it.


Signs that an Accountability Partner May Help

 You have already decided that you are going for it- you don’t need convincing.

When you have made a firm decision to go for your goals, an accountability partner can remind you of that decision when the going gets tough. Her job is even easier if you tell her why your goal is important to you. When you are tempted to back away from obstacles or quit altogether, she can dangle that motivation in front of you to keep you going. No matter how much your partner likes you, if they have to convince you to keep going every single second, they won’t stick around.


You have a solid plan in place that produces results.

When you know what to do, your accountability partner just checks in around the specifics. Remember how I shared that my partner would text during my cardio session? That was because she KNEW I had one, when I was supposed to be doing it, and that I struggled with wanting to quit because it was so long and boring.

If you are chasing your goals without a solid plan, your partner can only check in on your results and your feelings. You need a plan to produce results. And, your feelings change by the day. So, a partner without a plan is really doomed to listening to you vent on a daily basis. No fun.


You want “company” along the way.

Having an accountability partner gives you someone in your daily life who gets what you are doing. So often we try to get people in our normal lives to be interested in the details of our journey or to get excited about each milestone. When they don’t, we feel upset and maybe even rejected. Getting an accountability partner fills your need to connect with others about your journey without creating pressure in your existing relationships.

If you determine that you are a great candidate for an accountability partner, you need to know how to pick one. Resist the temptation to just pick the person who you talk to the most.



What Your Partner Needs to Have to Make it Work

Time, energy, and willingness to show up consistently.

If your accountability partner is super strapped for time or doesn’t value your goal or the process, they aren’t going to stay engaged. You will quickly go from having your texts met with quick, detailed responses to radio silence.


Willingness to call you out when you deviate from what you said you would do.

You don’t need an amen corner to second every decision that you make.  That doesn’t really help. You need someone who will be honest when you aren’t following through. That’s how you stay on track and achieve your goals.


Your respect- specifically in the realm of weight loss and fitness

This one is HUUUUUGE. Let’s get real for a second.  Would you really respect it if your broke friend called you out on your excessive spending? No. It is human nature to discredit the messenger when we don’t like the message. Your accountability partner doesn’t have to be ahead of you on their fitness journey. However, she at least has to have a hustle in that area that you respect. When she calls you out, she has to have enough credibility with you for you to take her seriously.


That’s the complete scoop on accountability partners and weight loss success. If it doesn’t fit- don’t force it. Getting an accountability partner may not be your next step.


If you need direction and clarity on how to get consistent results, you need a coach- not an accountability partner. A qualified coach will literally shorten your learning curve and help you begin to get results with simple, easy to stick to strategies. After you have your plan in place, you may want to revisit the idea of an accountability partner.


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Do Accountability Partners Really Help You Lose Weight?: Click through and read the article to find out if an accountability is the right next step for you on your weight loss journey. accountability partners, weight loss


So what do you think about all of this? Have you had weight loss success with an accountability partner? How did you make it work? Chime in in the comments below.

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