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We offer in person and online coaching solutions

In Person Coaching

Our in person coaching is delivered in either the group or private setting. We offer trial memberships for both coaching options. Choose from a FREE 2-week trial membership for group coaching or a reduced 3-session trial for private coaching and schedule your private Success Session (goal setting and planning meeting) here.

Online Coaching

Our online coaching a comprehensive transformation system for the woman who wants help cultivating a transformation lifestyle that will hep her “Lose the Weight – Not Your Sanity”. Program details and registration are available here.

Appointments may not be cancelled or rescheduled on the booking system with less than 24 hour notice. Please contact me at 972-462-1999 if you need to do a late cancel. In person training sessions that are cancelled late will be forfeited and will not be available for reschedule.

Coaching Calls

Discovery Session

This session is for you if you don’t know where to start or your approach has stopped working. I will help you cut straight to the chase and discover the simple switches that you can make immediately to get on the road to significant and sustainable results. After I review your questionnaire, we will get on the phone to discuss your plan. You will leave the call with specific strategies to cultivate the top habits you need to begin to get results without turning your life upside down.

Transformation Strategy Session

This session is for you if you want a progressive, step by step implementation plan for the next three months. I will help you discover the simple switches that you can make to see positive change in as little as two weeks and outline which switches to add in over the coming months in an order that gives you the most return for your effort. For each switch, you will receive specific strategies to help you implement your plan in a way that fits your life.

CLIENT ONLY Transformation Accountability Call


This is your weekly accountability and strategy call.

Coaching Programs

No Fuss Fitness Transformation Programs

Do you know what to do but just struggle to do it?

Do you need to know where to spend your energy and effort versus what to ignore when it comes to weight loss?

Are you tired of randomly trying different advice hoping that something will work?

Are you tired of piecing together your approach and wish you could find something effective that would actually fit your life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, a No Fuss Fitness Transformation Program may be for you.

During our time together, we will work hand in hand to ensure that your DAILY actions move you in the direction of your weight loss goal in a way that doesn’t hijack your life. I help you address the daily nutrition and exercise actions that will make a difference in a way that fits your unique preferences, schedule, and lifestyle.

What Can I Expect?

  • Eliminate the overwhelm of the weight loss journey by implementing only the daily actions that drive results. No more trying to follow a million steps each day.
  • Eliminate the stress of implementing your plan by following completely customized strategies to easily do your daily actions.
  • Achieve significant results in a shortened time frame because of the increased consistency that your customized approach allows you to achieve.
  • Maintain your results beyond the initial transformation program with simple daily actions that will become habits during your transformation.

How Does It Work?

  • You will purchase your transformation program and fill out the initial questionnaire.
  • I will review your questionnaire to prepare for our initial call.
  • On our initial call, I will point out the most significant habits that are sabotaging your success.
  • You tell me which ones you aren’t ready to change. (SUPER IMPORTANT part of the process)
  • We will agree on the habits that you will work on initially
  • We will agree on the specific strategies that you will implement to follow those daily habits based on your preferences, schedule, and lifestyle.
  • EVERY DAY you will check in with me regarding your daily habits and any other challenges you may be having.
  • Each week we will do a check in call to review your week (actions and results), troubleshoot any obstacles, and plan for the next week’s events that have the potential to challenge your follow through with your daily habits.
  • We implement additional habits as needed to further your results as you master the original ones.

What do I get? 

  • Initial Call to discuss your program details.
  • Daily 1-on-1 check ins.
  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Access to the Online Coaching Club Membership Portal for workouts, recipes, and additional education.
  • Access to the private Online Coaching Club Facebook group for daily support and inspiration from like-minded women in the Great Shape Fit Club community and Coach Concita.

4-Week Transformation Jumpstart

8-Week Transformation Jumpstart

12-Week Transformation Jumpstart

Transformation Accountability Calls


Personal Training

In person training is offered on a limited referral basis only.  If you are not eligible for in person training, I can help you reach your goals via one of my online training options.  The first step is to schedule a Discovery Session here: CLICK HERE.

Existing personal training clients can schedule your sessions conveniently below.