How to Get the Most out of Working with a Coach for Weight Loss

Hiring a coach doesn’t guarantee results.

This probably sounds like a strange statement coming from…A COACH who people hire to get results. But, it needs to be said. This is precisely why coaches who offer a money back guarantee have some sort of stipulation around that guarantee. Simply cutting the check or swiping the card is just the first step of many massive steps that we need to take to really reap the benefits of a coaching relationship. How we approach that relationship dictates the type of results that we will get.


How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Coach for Weight Loss: Click through to discover how to make the most of your investment and get amazing results. Weight Loss, Coach


You’ve probably noticed that the results that people get from working with coaches vary from life-changing to barely noticeable. Some of that variance can be blamed on the fact that almost anyone can declare themselves a coach nowadays. If you have an internet connection and a phone, you can literally decide to be a coach tomorrow. However, there are plenty of really good coaches out there that have clients that get less than great results. So, what’s the difference? More importantly, how do we set ourselves up to be the success story?



Before You Start

Failing to do the necessary work before we start can set us up for a slow start. In the worst scenarios, it sets us up to not get results at all. We waste our time and money and feel frustrated and sometimes even tricked. Here’s what you want to do before you even start.


Be crystal clear about what you want to achieve.

A good coach will help you achieve the goals that YOU have for yourself rather than imposing their goals on you. So, if you tell your coach that you want to work on creating healthy eating habits but you really are looking for massive changes in your appearance, you may end up disappointed. While the process for both of those goals is similar, the speed at which you move through that process will likely be very different. You may not get the extra push to tackle the habits in a more diligent manner to achieve your goal. Or, your coach may not see the need to have the conversation about resetting your expectations based on your speed of execution. In short, you guys are driving in a car together attempting to go two separate places. Not good!

Even worse, you may discover that you aren’t getting what you want too late to make a difference. You must know and communicate your REAL goal.


Be uncommonly honest about what you’re willing to do to get it.

It’s important to be honest about what you are willing to do to get results. If your nightly glass of wine is a non-negotiable, share that. If you hate cooking and plan to eat most of your meals outside of your home, share that too. Armed with this information your coach can craft your strategy to still get results while honoring that non-negotiable. When necessary, they can also help you adjust your expectations regarding your rate of results based on your chosen actions. Clarity and honesty allow everyone to be on the same page. You and your coach move you toward the desired goal in the most efficient way possible.


Pick a coach whose philosophy and methods are clear, agreeable and feasible for you.

I think there are few things worse than hiring help only to still be doing the work on your own. If you plan to hire a coach, ask about their philosophy and methods BEFORE you pay. Make sure that you agree and that you can consistently follow through. While most coaches will not give you a detailed outline of exactly what you will be doing before you become a client, you can still get a sense of their philosophy before you work together. Check out their blog, their social media posts, and client testimonials. If what they are promoting doesn’t gel with what you want to do, don’t hire them. Keep looking until you find a coach whose philosophy and practices align with what you can see yourself doing.


Commit to following the process.

Before you get your program, decide that you will follow the process. It is really hard to know if something works for you if you are only halfway doing it. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. It just means that you have to take the steps and allow the process to unfold.



How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Coach for Weight Loss: Click through to discover how to make the most of your investment and get amazing results. Weight Loss, Coach


During the Coaching Relationship

Communicate early and often.

Most coaches become coaches because they want to help people. The more information your coach has about you, the better they can help. So, if you are struggling to implement something, speak up. Break up with the notion of “bothering your coach”. You paid for support so use it.


If you are implementing but hating the process every step of the way, say that too. Now, the process isn’t always pretty. There may be certain aspects that we just have to muscle through. Sometimes we have to allow the discipline of showing up to make that thing easier to do. However, in most cases, a good coach can advise you to how to make tiny tweaks to make implementation more feasible and enjoyable.


Expect to be pushed and challenged and WELCOME IT.

Listen. In most cases, we don’t hire a coach because we don’t know what to do. We hire a coach because we know what to do but we need to do it. And, we haven’t been doing it on our own.


This lack of action on the knowledge we have is rooted in habits, behavior, and beliefs. A good coach is going to go there with you on those things. She is not going to nod and smile when you rattle off all the reasons why you couldn’t execute. So expect your coach to listen empathetically, ask questions, and then hand you solutions. At first, it may seem a little cold. We sometimes want people to agree with us about how hard it is. But, that’s not why we hire coaches.


We hire coaches to help us achieve what we haven’t been able to achieve on our own. That requires challenging our thoughts, behaviors, and habits and giving us solutions so that we don’t remain stuck.


Stay engaged.

Listen. Disappearing on your coach is not cool. EVER. Having a coach by your side makes the process easier and more efficient. However, it doesn’t mean that things won’t get hard. They will. And, if you remain engaged, your coach can help you when things get hard. So, answer the follow-up questions. Refuse to feel attacked when you are asked, “why did you …” Rejoice. This is a sign that your coach actually cares, wants to solve your specific struggle, and isn’t just handing out cookie cutter solutions. Face the challenge. Stay engaged. And, allow yourself to be supported through the obstacle.

That’s it. Everything you need to know about getting the most out of working with a coach for your weight loss journey.


How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Coach for Weight Loss: Click through to discover how to make the most of your investment and get amazing results. Weight Loss, Coach


What do you think of all of this? Have you been afraid to hire a coach because you didn’t know how to make sure you got results? Does any of this help you feel more empowered to get the results you want from working with a coach? Have something else that you want to add? Sound off in the comments below and let me know.



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