Is it Really Better to Lose Weight Slowly?

Is it Really Better to Lose Weight Slowly?

In today’s show, we’re going to talk about whether or not it’s true that it’s better to lose weight slowly. A lot of us have come to this conclusion or been convinced of this after being burned by diets and programs before.

We’ve tried them, we’ve lost weight, sometimes significant weight, often times rapidly. But unfortunately also gained back, plus more. For most of us, each and every time.

So we’ve come to the conclusion that we have to lose weight slowly if it’s going to last, and I want to talk to you today about whether or not that’s really true.


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1:16 – Cutting To The Chase – The Answer Is…

2:17 – 1st Pro To Losing Weight Slowly – No Drastic Changes

3:16 – 2nd Pro To Losing Weight Slowly – Easier To Keep Off

4:20 – 1st Con To Losing Weight Slowly – Not As Motivating

7:45 – Diets Don’t Work

8:17 – Not Dieting Does Not Equal Slow Weight Loss

10:05 – There Is Merit In Losing Weight As Quickly As You Can

11:50 – Don’t Cause Compensatory Hunger Or Cravings

12:55 – Recap

13:25 – The Key: Exceptional Follow-Through

14:35 – Bringing Pack Group Coaching: Get It Off – Keep It Off.

16:40 – Fierce Follow-Up


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